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DJ Cryotek
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Why I Didn't Buy Puzzle Quest 2...

I was reading an article related to Puzzle Quest, and I finally realized why I didn't get the sequel.

It's the art style. They ditched the clean, anime-ish look of the first game for a more Western style, and it comes off as kind of dumb and generic and macho looking- not much better than the cheesy pq knock-offs that are out there. I'm not sure if they switched artists or what, but the charm of the first game just isn't there visually. And that cuteness and charm is part of what made it so endearing and fun.

Anyone else feel this way? Or does the new art have its own merits once you get into the game? What I have seen totally turns me off.
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Old 01-06-2011, 12:24 PM   #2
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I also feel that this is the reason why I haven't played it as much as the first game.
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I've never played PQ1, so I can't really compare. Judging from the screenshots the style has changed dramatically. I wouldn't say that eiher style is better than the other, but if you were expecting anime-like graphics I can imagine you'd be disappointed.

Still, I like the artwork. It's not bland, though some of the art is a lot better than the rest.
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I think PQ2 is the better game in regards to the playstyle. You get real items, armor, weapon combat, more gems/tactics, etc. Who cares about graphics in PQ games? If I want pretty graphics, I would play something else with such.
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Old 04-03-2011, 02:50 AM   #5
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its actually kinda surprising to see a post like this honestly, I've seen a lot of people complain about anime art style plenty of times, sometimes with good reason. But I dont think ive ever seen anyone complain about something NOT being anime style. Curious. I just bought the game, and frankly I didnt think about the art style much. I play this game for the puzzles, and the rpg mechanics, not the artwork. But I think ill pay more attention to it now.
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I prefer well done anime style graphics instead of poorly design western style. The graphics in this game is REALLY awfull except the monster design. The walk animation is... well, i'm an animator so some people will say that I'm rude but ... Even the worst animator in my school use to animate simple walks better than that ! ( and that's the first thing you learn !)

Then you have the powerfull spells and you change a great game into a boring one ... I was so surprised when I won puzzle quest 1 on xbox ! That game was awesome ! And I was so surprise with the sequel ... that game was lame !
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Old 10-11-2011, 09:52 AM   #7
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I usually dont care if a game have cartoon gfx or not, but i'm not a fan of cartoon gfx. I mostly prefer handmade gfx + rendered.

If PQ2 sometime would go on sale, i will instantly buy it.
My backlog is too big, so i will wait for the sale. I already spent loads of $$$ on games i havent played on Steam.
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