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Smile How to skip intro?

Just bought this game, am used to L4D/L4D2, where you can skip the intro by hitting space and just play.
So far can't seem to figure out how to skip the intro to Borderlands, and it's very frustrating!
I HATE wasting 5 minutes on the stupid intro! I just want to play!
Can anyone tell me how to skip the stupid thing? After 2h of play, I'm ready to just dump this stupid game!

Also - what key(s) do you hit to "turn in" stuff to finish missions? That's driving me nuts too!

Thanks for any help!
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You have to turn in the missions at the guy you got them from.
So at the start of the game , you have to turn in your missions by the doctor by talking to him and press enter. It also states which button at the bottom of the screen.

In addition you can skip the intro by doing the following:
1) Go to: My Documents / My Games / Borderlands / Willowgame / Config
2) Open WillowEngine.ini
3) Press Ctrl + F and look for "[FullScreenMovie]"
4) Change this:


INTO this:

5) Save and exit. You are done.

Enjoy playing Borderlands!
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You need to go to the location directed in the map "M" and press your "USE" key. When you're close enough, it should display which that is.

Then select the ones you want to turn in and press ENTER/RETURN on them
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