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Game Doesn't Work

And before anyone tries to tell me to use search or refers me to another thread, none of the solutions work. I get the black screen but get no audio. The video is actually frozen after the game loads up.

I've tried disabling my second monitor, didn't help, I adjusted the resolution (to fix the original problem), I've modified the Video.scr file and it didn't fix anything, I disabled the desktop composition, and I tried running it in Windows XP compatibility.

None of those solutions works, so feel free to enlighten me on something I missed as right now I basically just threw away the money I bought the game with.
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Do you have a graphics card with HDMI out (for a TV) and a motherboard with built-in audio? If you're not using the HDMI and it's accompanying sound function, trying disabling the sound driver for it in the Device Manager. Also, same problem when setting up the audio. Make sure you have the right sound device selected in the Control Panel-Hardware and Sound-Sound section for whichever sound device you need to use.
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