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How do you cure ennui?

(Game Info: EUIII Complete w/ HttT)

I've got a sort of a 'luxury problem' in my current play through... Don't get me wrong, EU3's turning out to be a great game. It's just that I'm only into the 17th century (started from the very beginning), and I've kinda lost any reason to keep going. Missions have stopped being any help, I've only been getting three kinds for the last 50 years or so. (build a factory, build a higher lvl fort, colonize a province) I can't see any sense in making more factories, they're already up past 2k ducats apiece (which means it'd take 70 years to pay itself off). Forts are fine, but the colonizing missions are for all over the map, without regard to sense.

So I'm left with coming up with my own objective, right? Well what the heck could I do? I'm Scotland, England no longer exists, I've colonized a huge chunk of North America including annexing the native american nations there (I haven't reached Central America, though). Scotland is Protestant (save for Tennesse, which for some reason has been hanging onto it's shamanistic ways for the last 30-40 years) and the Defender of the Faith (not that anyone's even been making war on any Protestants). The last big thing I did was beat the crap out of France, and that was only because I was so bored. I did get a slew of small allies out of it, though. But then Castille jumped in right at the end and France barely exists, now. I'm probably going to have to do something about Castille (personal union? claim territory? I dunno, they don't have any kingdoms to release, really, save way down in Africa...).

So I'm kinda stuck... Anyone out there know some little thing to help keep a game going?
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From Edinburgh to Constantinople. It all belongs to Scotland!

Seriously tho, if you find yourself at a content point in the game, then start a new one. There's not much point forcing yourself to go on just so the game hits you in the head with the 1820 ultimate end date. This is part of why I don't try to reach goals quickly. You've got hundreds of years ahead of you, that province can wait to be taken for a few years, or that vassal can enjoy independence a while longer. To be in a hurry to finish the objectives the game forces on you is to be in a hurry to have nothing left to do.

That said, something I find helps keep a game going is colony wars with other colonial powers. Don't try stealing their core territories, literally focus on their colonial gains instead.
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Start up as France and reclaim the territory you grabbed
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release al nations
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(EU3: Complete only) Oh, I understand what you mean. When you are at war there is far too much to do, like keep up with revolts, watch the sea lanes, keep an eye on the ledger to see if anyone else is attacking your enemies - or your friends, and watch for a better advisor to crop up.

In peacetime, there really isn't nearly enough to do. All the trade and province management is just busywork. I would have liked to see more minor diplomacy functions to increase standings. Those National Missions are positively outrageous. A fella in the paradox forum described the missions he got as Aragon. They always seemed to involve attacking France, or building a bigger army or navy than France. Now those things *could* happen if France gets a good AI shellacking from England, Castile, etc... but in general terms, they aren't things to hold your breath for.

I agree with Dedi. It is strange, but I always find starting a game (not just EU3) to be much more exciting than the long slog later on. Although suicidal allies can make things interesting.
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