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Level 11 "The Vicious Ones" (revisited)

Previous time: 01:32:00.00
Level record: 00:41:04.01

By beating this level 11 "The Vicious Ones" a second time, I have dramatically reduced my record time (by one-half!). I also decreased my overall game time to 9:55:03.08 to receive the "Lightsecond" achievement. I am confident this strategy works with every level restart and position.

FYI: Earlier in a different post, I stated "expand in one direction." It is possible to expand in every direction and crush the opponent.

1. Scout every asteroid within range. Right click your first asteroids and send 1 seedling to each rock within your reach. This applies throughout the entire level, so you know where your opponent's forces are at all times.

2. Rally your forces to the front lines. The front lines are wherever your enemy's asteroids are in range. This makes it easier to attack and defend against your enemy with the largest mass of seedlings possible.

3. Invade every enemy outpost quickly, instead of colonizing empty asteroids. This saves you the trouble of providing defense for your new colonies.

4. Do not build any extra defensive trees. They are not necessary with this strategy. All offense is the best defense for this level.

5. Produce every laser mine available. Only your starting planet and a few other asteroids will contain defensive trees, so bring flowers there to plant them. Send them immediately to the various front line asteroids.

6. Send laser mines to attack enemy asteroids solo, and to defend these new outposts. Laser mines are dual purpose: they can choke an enemy asteroid (render it infertile in preparation of an attack), and defend against seedling invasions too. Also move your laser mines to the front lines.

7. Only attack enemy laser mines when they reach the far side of an asteroid. Sooner or later, your enemy's laser mines will visit your own outpost and kill your seedlings. This is where your front line seedlings come in handy. Amass them onto one or two asteroids, and send them to destroy it. Depending on the size of the asteroid and the type of seedlings available, it takes anywhere from 40-100 seedlings to destroy a laser mine.

8. Save the grey "defensive tree colony asteroid" for last. I have wasted 200 seedlings (in two waves) attacking that grey base during the mid-game. It set me back approximately 10 minutes for the level, because seedlings take time to rally across the asteroid belt.

I started off by scouting every asteroid, withdrawing the ones that could survive. Every seedling counts. Then I gathered my forces and invaded each enemy outpost with fewer seedlings.

Once I reached 5 asteroids, I had too few seedlings to continue attacking... so I planted Dyson trees and maxed out my asteroids.

The "greys" en masse were my biggest threat initially. I didn't want to martyr my seedlings unproductively. For a group of 23 greys, I sent 70+ seedlings to kill them off.

For this level, the enemy attacked or counter-attacked me only 8 times. They sent 3 laser mines to attack various outposts. I only lost 1 asteroid because I overlooked it being swarmed. (The enemy's color was similar to my own)

I know that there are several Level 11 threads across the web, but we could post our fastest level records down in this thread too.
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This is exactly how I managed to beat the level, after several tries of course :/
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Almost the second I start this level the enemy places a mine on my second planet and camps there the entire game. I don't start with a large enough force to kill it, and with my main seedling production planet completely shut down I'm pretty much doomed...

Once that planet has no seedlings on it, they attack my first asteroid (maybe 45 seconds in) and take it without contest. I'm running out of ideas fast. I can't build a swarm large enough to counter it.

They do this strategy against me maybe 4 out of 5 times, I've taken to just restarting the level over and over until I get one where they don't send a mine after me immediately. Right now I'm on a streak of 7 games in a row where they immediately completed a total genocide against all of my seedlings before I could populate even one asteroid.

WHAT DO!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

Edit: I timed it, and they attack me at roughly 40 seconds in most of the time.

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