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Steam Games On Disk

If you go to a store and buy a PC game that happens to use Steam you have to put it on your Steam account and have an internet connection to do that, so why is the game ever on disk in the first place if it is permanently on your account there after and the best way to reinstall the software is by downloading it anyways?

After it is on your account it is permanently on your account too so your disk and box is pointless and a waste of space.

Obviously there should just be an activation number for a game you buy at a store that requires Steam then there is even more awareness for what you're going to need to start the game.
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Buying from the store is the only option for many ppl that don't own a credit card,also region restriction does not help when we can get it retail but not off steam yet it's still a steamworks game.

You can install off the dvd if you know the command to do it.
Save a lot on bandwidth if you're capped.

The disc and box you still have to keep to show as proof if your account ever got stolen.
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If a game is Steamworks, then I'll always get it retail.
  • Cost - retail is almost always cheaper than Steam prices. e.g. Just Cause 2 - £19.99 on Steam, £4.99 on Amazon.
  • Speed - even with a fast internet connection available, it's far quicker to find and install from a disc for big games. e.g. Empire: Total War is about 15Gb - no way could I download that faster than installing from the DVD.
  • Bandwidth - for slow or capped download rates, retail discs are the far better option. It would probably take longer to download the 30Gb Force Unleashed than to comlete it.
  • Product Satisfaction - there's just something more satisfying about having something you can hold or put on a shelf, and having a manual to flick through. Granted, this is probably one of the weakest reasons to still buy games retail, but it's still one that I consider.
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