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Please, add this to main menu! (Multiplayer thing)

On main menu we need to know how many players are currently playing Clickr and how many of them are currently anywhere from multiplayer. I'll just like to know how many people are interested or playing multi when I run my game. Would be interesting keep playing Clickr while I'm actually hosting a multi game so I could keep waiting forever!

Sadly, there's currently not much people playing this game online This might requiere an small solution.
A cool feature would be 'Quick Game' so if there are just two users in multi, they would be selected to play.

Please, do this for the good of the game!
This might make people who are playing Clickr go multi if they know there are people waiting for an online match

By the way, there's a glitch with "" character in the Multiplayer room chat. When I push that key, the / is also not shown. It just happens sometimes. Chat text is also quite small, it's only just 40 characters long and makes some talks hard sometimes with Occidental characters.

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