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DCUO site has a game guide (PC & PS3)


Here is some of the plethora of info for the PC:

Press "Enter" on the keyboard to enter Quick Chat mode.
Press "F1" to open the Social menu.

While looking at Social Window, options to see nearby, group, friends, league. If in a group, a button in Social Window "Group" is clicked to see options (loot setting; make into a raid party; etc.)

# Chat Commands

* By typing a slash [ / ] before certain typed commands in the chat window, you will be able to specify how, or to whom, you chat. The following are useful chat commands:
o /say - Say something to anyone in your local area
o /s - Same as "/say"
o /groupsay - Say something to members of your group
o /group - Same as "/groupsay"
o /g - Same as "/groupsay"
o /party - Same as "/groupsay"
o /p - Same as "/groupsay"
o /tell [name] - Send a private message to another person (use quotes around names with a space. For example /tell "The Joker")
o /t - Same as "/tell"
o /reply - Send a private message to the last person that sent you a private message
o /r - Same as "/reply"
o /shout - Shout a message to everyone in the same region (like "/say," but with a broader reach)
o /invite [name] - Invite another person to join a group with you (no quotes needed)
o /leave - Leave your current group
o /kick [name] - Kick the specified person from your group (no quotes needed. You must be the group leader)
o /promote [name] - Promote the specified person to be the group leader (no quotes needed. You must be the group leader)
o /league - Say something to members of your league

# Emotes (F4)

* By typing a slash [ / ] before certain typed commands in the chat window, you will be able to act out certain "emotes" or actions with your character. Some fun emotes include (name of emote indicates character action):
o /dance
o /sleep
o /wave
o /thumbsup
o /beg
o /blowkiss
o /bow
o /cell
o /watch
o /excited
o /cheer
o /chestpuff
o /choke
o /clap
o /terminal
o /confused
o /flirt
o /no
o /drink
o /head
o /eat
o /strong
o /fistpound
o /flex
o /pose
o /laugh
o /evillaugh
o /observe
o /pickup
o /picture
o /point
o /read
o /rude
o /salute
o /search
o /smokebomb
o /bringit
o /walkie
o /wary
o /cry
o /shake
o /rest

.... and knowing is 1/16ths of the battle.
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the Game Manual has been moved. Well, the DCUO website is going through changes.

A Manual can be found here:
or more specifically straight to the PDF files here: http://help.station.sony.com/cgi-bin...?p_faqid=25327

& copy/pasting my tips from the previous "manuel" thread.
Prepare for damaging wall of text to hit you. Several of the following tips are explained in the official DCUO Game Guide linked in 1st post.

Other useful tips:

From Inventory window, click Stats. You can click the stat to have a Description be presented to read in the window below the stat. Pay attention close to the descriptions of Toughness and Defense.

Toughness is available from PvP gear bought from vendors and it useful in reducing damage from enemy Players. Certain safe houses have lower ranked PvP gear (rank 9, 14, 19, & 24; the 2nd safe house per mentor has these vendors), and the HQs have rank 30 PvP gear which requires special PvP currency as well as cash. That armor look'n all cool in the glass tubes next to a vendor in the HQ (3 vendors per wing of the HQ), that's an example of end game armor.

Defense is included on all Quest rewarded gear & weapons. Defense is for NPC damage reduction.

There are lots of vendors in the HQ. They sell Emblems, Style gear (alter your look), Hair styles, Legend Characters to unlock for use, and other stuff. There is a Skin vendor in the cities (Villian is in Gotham near Ace Chemical plant & Hero is in Metropolis near Star Labs building; each vendor is near the coast). You'd surely want to use the Preview when considering buying a new Skin, Hair, Emblem, and other gear like cape, wings, etc.

You can Respec (redistribute the points) at the HQ.

Your class will be rewarded the gear for your class from Quests. You may get unusable gear from random mob drops. There is no Auction House & no crafting. Vendor items can be Previewed in the Vendor window (look for the preview button & if it looks dark, give it a few seconds to render properly).

You can lock & unlock your appearance with the Style window and swap the colors assigned to portions of your gear also (from the 3 pallette optios you picked at character creation). Be aware, when you have your style locked, & change your weapon, a bug somtimes makes you not able to use your weapon. So after a weapon change, use the attack button ASAP to verify it works before you really need to have your weapon to defend yourself.

The quests for Most Wanted DC Iconic characters can be started by interacting with the Wanted poster at the safe house OR by attacking the Wanted NPC (Non Player Character). If you do not have the quest to find and defeat a Wanted NPC, you will be awarded completion of the quest & the loot if you are close to the Most Wanted when he/she is defeated. Tab target to the Most Wanted NPC if you die, there are more friendly still atacking the NPC, and watch the NPC's health. You don't want to respawn if the NPC is about to die and you are too far away to get the credit for the win. You will get credit for defeating the NPC while you are dead and close to the NPC. Ya don't want to have to do it again because your friends won and you were too far away.

Make your character on the PvE servers if your primary goal is to experience the story arcs per mentor (Questing). If you want to experience the Story arcs without being repeatedly interupted by enemy players, do not make a character on the PvP servers. PvP servers have no safe areas except for being inside a building. Even if you are standing in front of the safe house waiting on a Que, you might be killed by enemies of a higher rank that use ranged DPS on a PvP server. Try not to repeatedly fill the chat with complaining.... especially about enemies killing you on a PvP server. Many thanks to those that can do this.

PvP server tip: If you do get on PvP server, consider doing Arenas sooner than later, to get Skull Currency to use beginning at rank 9 for pieces with Toughness on it. I'm fairly certain you will not be in an Arena against enemies of a much higher rank than you. There seems to be a matchmaking type of system in place. Being in an Arena will grant you 25 skulls (+skulls from kills during the match). PvP pieces (Jewelry, neck, shoulders, helm, & weapon) are 75-250 skulls on certain items @ certain ranks. Items with Toughness on it, I've not seen drop from mobs, and enemy players do not drop any loot at all.

League chat rarely, if ever, works so far. It was reported in Beta and is often reported in game. Please, feel free to add more reports about this because the squeeky wheel gets the grease. To make in-game reports: hit Esc, and pick the Feedback option. In there are 3 options for the type of feedback. While you are in the Esc menu, go to Settings and the Audio option: Pick the option for voice communication "Push to Talk." Please use Push to Talk.

A tip: the War Room of the Watchtower contains sparring partners towards the back. You have to go down the stairs and then turn around--they're in the back. This is a good place to practice combos.

PS: there are lots of videos of gameplay on Youtube. Here's a link to DC Universe's official DCUO page in youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/DCUniver...end=2&ob=1#p/u
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Use that Block button (default is Shift). Hold Shift key and hit a direction key to roll.
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@ rank 30 GO TO THE HQ to get many quests. Visit each wing and get 2 quests, then visit the Center area for 4 more quests. You'll get group/raid quests AND quests you can do solo. All of these are repeatable. Some have a cooldown, where you can not do them as often as possible. You'll have to wait a while (12 hours? I'm not sure, I don't play continuously, but I know I've completed several and then went to start the quests again soon after wards/hours afterwards & they were not available) to be able to do it again, but you get the quest from the same terminal in the HQ.

You always have the potential for loot from mobs, but defeating the hero at the end of the quest... seems to be the juicy sweet spot for a phat drop. Once u get to rank 30 and begin to repeat the end stage of story quests, you'll be gaining lots of renown and chance for rank 30 PvE gear. I had completed the first bubble of influence/renown per faction by rank 30. I've gotten 2 purples (Harley helm and Powergirl boots) and I'm half way through 2nd bubble per faction.

The Quests you can do solo are the end stage of previously done Quests against rank 30 mobs and hero. U get Allegiance currency for each completion, and a chance to get rank 30 loot.

The loot box that everyone saw escaping Brainiac's ship, others can be found inside buildings of the end stage, of a Quest, and I've found a few in Alerts too.

The Vault can drop anything, but expect style loot more often. Maybe you'll get Argyle socks.

Collecting orbs will get you new styles sent to you in the mail. Completing Races will get you emblems. Style and emblem vendors are in the HQ.

Learn from my mistakes: The rank 30 group quests: Arkham Asylum, Stryker Island, Ace Chemical plant, etc.... you can try solo to get some kills to get money, drops, etc, but you'll be paying a lot for repairs as you'll likely die a lot. U can repair inside those instances via a vending machine. A Vending machine can be in Duo maps too. Remember to repair after you've been knocked out a few times. Pull one enemy at a time when possible and use the barrels as much as possible if go'n solo into instances meant a group. hehhehhehheh I'd assume the different build and specs may be better suited to try group quests solo for the mob drops (renown, cash, loot). The simple items dropped from these instance mobs are a good source of cash when sold to a vendor (vending machine). Why would you want more cash? for health sodas or Respec'n. Get a group, I don't recommend go'n in them solo.

Add Raid/Group Quest tips if ya got some that don't spoil the game experience. (I've not done them yet)

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I stumbled on a great source with screenshots for Investigations, Briefs, & Collectible locations:

Another one i found that seems fairly accurate with pictures too:

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Originally Posted by Gunnm55 View Post
I stumbled on a great source with screenshots for Investigations, Briefs, & Collectible locations:
that looks promising thanks for sharing
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It'd be a good strategy to have your Supercharge meter maxed before going into an arena. The Supercharge meter under your character name, the third one from the top (Health Bar~Power Bar (blue)~Supercharge Meter). http://www.dcuniverseonline.com/game...yer_unit_frame

Suggestion: As a rank 30, I linger in the Aquaman area (suicide slums) of Metropolis and squash mobs in order to get my Supercharge meter maxed between arenas. I'm sure there are other areas in the cities that you'd be able to find mobs that are not too easy to kill as a rank 30. It'd take many, many more of the lower ranked mobs to get your Supercharge meter maxed, which is why I linger in the area with rank 29-30 mobs.

Remember, Arenas are Not TeamDeathMatch. Work with your team and defend or attack the objectives. Stay together as much as possible and use chat when possible (for example ask or recommend a strategy before the arena starts, while you are in the spawn location) Group up for the wins.

Also, if you would like to "farm" a story arc instance in order to get a purple item dropped from the boss, get at least one person in your group. Each time you beat the boss, when your group gets outside, reform the group in order to get a new instance, and you can go back in immediately. I've been able to do this in order to get purple drops in many instances. This tactic works for early story arc instances and Rank 30 Challenge story arc instances (AKA: Daily quests). You will not get to farm Marks of Allegiance in the challenge instances/daily Quests though. You'll only get the Marks when you've completed the active quest.

Check the Feats. You'll find in the General topic a list of iconic characters you'll be able to encounter in Metropolis and Gotham. There is a list of Villians and Heros to find. Click the Feat to get a drop down list/description.

The more Feats you accomplish = you'll have more points to use on Skills. (I've got 43 skill points currently, & a guy I grouped up with recently has 53 points)

Another strategy to getting more Skill points via accomplishing more Feats is to group up with a low ranked player of a different Faction and help them do some story arc Quests. (doesn't have to be a low ranked player, but rank 30 players will tend to not want to seek out purple loot in instances they already completed) By doing this, you'll get into story arc instances that you did not have the chance on your own to do. I am schooled by Superman, & grouping up with a Batman student, I fought many bosses that I had never seen before. I've still many more instances/boss fights that I have not yet done (WonderWoman student). The lower ranked players were happy to have a rank 30 escort them through a few story arcs on the PvP server. I even talked them into farming a few instances for purples (phat loot-new styles). Examples: Supergirl boots; Powergirl gloves; Scarecrow helm; Deathstroke chest; Bane belt.

Good luck.
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Epic Loot Drop List
I posted 2 Jpegs of stats from Epic loot (rank 30 purple) I've gotten, on page 7 of the following linked thread: http://forums.station.sony.com/dcuop...topic_id=11576

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Hard Alerts:
BEWARE the door will close to lock you in a BOSS fight room. Don't go rushing in alone. Pause at the doorway. Go in together as a group.

With a pick-up group (Pugs):
Pulling too many enemies is not a good idea.

Discussing strategy at a calm moment (with no NPCs attacking) is a good idea. Discussing strategy as the boss spawns... might be too late. You might know what you're doing, but perhaps a player in the group would like to know what the plan is. (especially with multiple bosses)
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