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Red face ArmA 2: OA Claiming I have a Bad CD Key

I bought Combined Operations two days ago, installed OA to play with my friends, but I can't because when I try to join a multiplayer server it just makes me sit around a bit with no options, and then boots me telling me my CD key is bad. At first we thought it was due to the fact that my friend was running CO, and I OA since the original ArmA2 had not finished downloading/installing yet, however even after both running OA, redownloading BattlEye, running Steam as administrator, and verifying my game cache several times it still refuses to allow me to play. I've searched for people who had similar problems, and the closest I found was something about a batch of unregistered Australian keys, and I'm not Australian. I'd really appreciate help with this, as the only other thing Google is turning out is annoying links to keygens.
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exit STEAM
start STEAM via "run as administrator"
start ARMA 2 and exit it (keys in registry needed for CO mode)
run A2: Combined Operations (this runs OA engine)

p.s. the problem is always same (some issue with write to registry)

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I already said that running as administrator doesn't work, and I'm trying to play OA's MP, not CO, as I still have yet to finish downloading ArmA II. I'm hoping once that finishes it will work like you said and allow me to play CO's MP, but it really doesn't help that every time I have to pause it or have to restart steam, it "forgets" about 2 GB+ of what was downloaded.
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so all your download progress is lost everytime you restart steam, or pause and resume your download?... steam should'nt be doing that!
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