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x-com apoc cheats?

Is there any way to cheat in this game? any info would be helpful, thank you
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No cheat-codes per se, but there's lots of ways to cheat the system.

The worst one is probably the stun-raid. Raid a friendly organization with just stun grapples, stun grenades or the mind bender and go rob them of equipment. If you can stun everyone, you'll collect everything that their guards haven't run off with. There will be a very minimal to no penalty in relations (if any walls or floors are damaged). There is a side effect, of course, in that if you do this too much you'll advance alien tech too fast. However, quick short raids on friendly gangs can net you psiclones and Marsec torso plates, or raids on Marsec can net you the rare power swords, elerium or the mind shield.

The mind shield can be used to permanently boost psi defense up a fixed amount. Go into battle, switch it on. Wait a bit. Then end the mission or escape from the battle. Your psi defense will go up permanently. Repeat until it's over 100.

There are a few manufacturing bugs that allow you to get free cash, but I've never been able to work this myself.

There is the 65535 widget bug where if you can get an item into the negatives in your base stores through transferring goods, you'll end up with 65535 (or slightly less) copies of the item. The best one I can think of is when you have the small shields. Before you've researched them, transfer all of the shields out to another base. Before completing the transfer, switch to the vehicle transfer screen and ship exactly 1 more shield over. Complete the transfer. This will leave -1 small shields in storage, which convert to 65535 when the game switches from signed to unsigned integers. This won't work if the shields have been researched. This doubles as a nearly infinite money trick, and gives you way more shields than you ever need.

While playing the game, hire a few hybrids with good psi stats and have them train in the psi lab for as long as you can. Don't let them get hurt in battle. They're a slow investment, but once their abilities are up, there's no easier way to get the aliens to donate their shields and other strong weapons to you. This isn't a cheat per-se, of course. (and a good way to show psionics don't suck in Apocalypse as bad as many people think)

A good easy way to make cash in the early game is to buy LOTS of Stormdogs. When they get to base, take all their weapons and engines off and sell everything back separately. Hang onto the anti-airguard ammo for a bit until you've gathered up some more later on. Then sell it all off in one go. You'll earn back more money than what you spent on them. This only lasts while the resale value of the individual parts hasn't dropped. Again, this is more scalping/questionable business sense than cheating so lots of players call it cheating.

That's just off the top of my head. I'm sure they're plenty more of ways as well.


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Originally Posted by blueAON View Post
Is there any way to cheat in this game? any info would be helpful, thank you
go to google. That's www.google.com and then type in "xcom appoc cheats". you can type that with or without the quotes however doing it with the quotes will give you a more exact search. You should come up with about 1.5 million answers to your question. Now I only tested the first 5 links but they seem to mostly be on track. Links 1,3,4, and 5 all had the correct information. Hope this helps.
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