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How does one set up a multiplayer game over the internet?

I've managed to do a multiplayer game locally (I bought to copies of the game + DLC)

how do ppl find me via the internet?
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Eh, been a while but remember needing to forward some ports on my router to get it to work, can't remember which, sorry. I'm sure you can find it!
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The port is printed at the top left when in the lobby. How you get people on the Internet to connect to it is an exercise left to the player.

Although, if you go into the options window, there's a button that takes you to portforward.com, which has instructions if you need them.
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Since AI War is such a long term game, I really only play with people that I know. That said, the game does support drop-in multi-player. You don't have to get the same group together every time for a game. Of course, this will make the games long term strategies difficult.

If you are looking for people to play with, their is a Reddit group and most active players get together at Arcen's own forums.

AI War Meeting Grounds.
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