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How to find CD/serial key in steam?!

Hey guys,
Quick question, I'm asking particularly for Borderlands but it applies to any game purchased on steam.

Where can I view the CD key for my copy of borderlands?

Borderlands and CSS are two of the first games I purchased on Steam and since I like having boxed copies of my games with their serial keys available to me, (mainly since I'm paranoid and I want some sort of physical proof for rights to the games) I'd like to find out the serial keys of my copy of Borderlands/CSS or any other game I might purchase on Steam in the future.

So how would I go about finding out those serial keys? Right clicking the game and choosing "View CD key" only shoes me the CD keys for 2 of my DLC's on borderlands and the function doesn't exist for my copy of CSS. I want to know those CD keys, is there any other way I can get them?


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Many games sold on steam do not have serial (CD) keys, and Borderlands is one of those games that does not have a key (BL's DLC does have CD keys, but not BL) To find out, right click on any game in Steam's game library, if a game uses a CD key, there will be a menu item "View game CD Key".
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Counter Strike Source only has a key if you bought it retail. Once you enter it into your accoutnt, it is no longer needed. As long as your account is valid, you don't need it.

With Borderlands, you should have two keys if you bought either all the DLC or the GOTY edition. The last two DLC do not use the key so hence they aren't provided.

Usually right clicking a game will bring the option of "View CD-Key" if it does, then that game requires a key to be entered when you run the game.

The "View Downloadable Content" will show any DLC purchased or any pre-purchase items you bought before that game was released and qualify for. (Some retail stores offer different bonuses for Steam with an extra key in the package)
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yeah, with borderlands as far as I can tell only moxxi and dr ned have cd-keys, the main game doesn't and the other two DLCs don't have them either
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Right click Borderlans in your steam games list and select "View Game CD Key". This will only show if you have any of the DLC's installed, and only the keys for those specific DLC's.
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I can't see the serial keys no more. Someone knows why? Bad company 2 is one of the games i am sure it had serial keys, i also have the specact kit.
There is no "view serial key" on right click, and there is no serial key for the DLC on properties...
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