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Possible demo in the future?

Alright, I understand that right now, the devs must be busy fixing up the troubles with dedicated servers and such as well as trying to quell the fires of war that surely exploded on their forums (as I'm sure it's that much more worst on their forums than here). However, I'd like to know if the PC version of Breach will ever have a demo available for download.

See, I do have home consoles, including but not limited to the 360, and since I was considering purchasing the game, I thought I'd go ahead and try the 360 demo before making a decision.

Only problem being, I've so far been able to walk for 5 seconds total over half an hour of seeking games to join (over all that time, I had "Failed to connect to host" errors constantly) and once I did connect to a game, I spawned, walked those said 5 seconds (enough to come around a car and a cement roadblock) before I was switched to a "Waiting for host" message and disconnected. Further attempts led to afore mentionned failure to connect to hosts of any kind.

True, it could be my router but any other game I play on my 360 runs fine and I'm assuming that from that standpoint, Microsoft makes sure that all games ran online uses the same ports and configurations as a standard, meaning that the problem was, most likely, game related or congestion.

Anyhow, back to my original point; while I wouldn't expect a demo for PC to come out right now, will there be one coming out later when, hopefully, the most glaring issues for the game will have been resolved?

Thank you for your respectful inputs.

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