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cannot clear Steam cart to purchase game?

I accidentally clicked the monday night combat pack for $44 but I just want to buy monday night combat the game itself which is like $14.99. How can i clear that package? I tried clicking remove in the cart but it won't do anything.

I logged out of steam, and logged back in but it's still there.

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El Tea
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I just did the same thing. I exited/restarted, tried to clear cache, etc. No dice. In the end, I just logged into steam through my web browser and bought it there.

Fun thing: it's still doubled up in my cart, and still not removable. The MNC page shows that I own it, and I appear able to install it.

I'm hoping that the items will automatically come out of the cart after some period of time.
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Arctic Ice
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Please direct all discussion concerning this issue to the main thread.

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