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Windowed Mode

Is there a way to play in windowed mode?
because pausing the game and switching applications freezes the game in vista
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i also would really like an option to do this, or atleast a backdoor way.

Rather annoying when games dont have this feature. Especially with games like this, short bursts of action would be awesome and seeing as this game is super easy to run, you could just have it on always lol... just open it up and run through a level when a video or map is loading... epic
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try this, i dont know if this works

rightclick on that game in the steam interface
then properties
then launch option
then type in "-w" or "-window" // without the " ofc
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Old 07-28-2011, 09:44 AM   #4
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Has anyone made this happen?

I played around with a few launch options with no luck, and I couldn't find a cfg file.

For me this is a typical "windowed game", so it's pretty annoying that they left out such a basic option.
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