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Bring THUG to Steam, please!

Hi Activision,

I think it would be awesome if you bring Tony Hawk's Underground to Steam. And actually, why not? An old game but I'm sure some people will buy it, specially me.
I had a great time playing it on PS2 and if it were on Steam I would have bought already for sure.

I actually tried to sent this message through Activision website but i kept being redirected to support so I couldn't send it.

I saw a thread of someone asking for Quake IV and it got sent.

Please consider this request, I'm sure it will sell some, even tough it's an old game.
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Not sure about THU getting on steam this late. There was never a digital copy of THU (That I remember) and this could be one of those games that had a contract thats stopping its re-release. (Possible Name Brand licensing issues or something similar)

Though all hope is not lost! The new HD version of Tony Hawk Pro Skater that was released on Xbox and PS3 not to long ago, and is said to be releasing on PC some time in the future.
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Yes, I'm aware of THPS HD, but I prefer THUG. I think it got more tricks and so on, and this HD is from THPS 1 and 2, it doesnt have revert which I think its one of the best moves introduced in tony hawk series, and it's the old limited time on career mode.

But I'll buy THPS HD too.

I didn't know about this licensing issues stuff, it's a pity if it's because of this that THUG could never be released on Steam. I even would buy on activision online store but even there it doesn't have it to sell.
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just buy the retail PC version

both THUG and THUG 2 are on PC

I have both

both games support online multiplayer

but whether or not the game is STILL supported and/or people still play is something else

theres a couple of youtube videos on how to make PS2/PC online servers
meaning PS2 and PC users can play on the same server


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The only problem is, the PC version of THUG 1 was only released in Australia.

I just checked, I can't even find it on eBay Australia anymore.

Is there some way to find it now?

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