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What gamepads actually work with this.

I found it impossible to play this game with keyboard+mouse - couldn't make it past the tutorial.

I have an Xbox 360 controller which the game, as described in other threads here, doesn't recognise the second analogue stick for. Trying software recommended in another thread completely messed up the controller.

So what actually works? I'm talking plug in and play - no third party software or having to mess with creating profiles.

Something that doesn't cost the earth (i'm in the uk) would also be a plus.

My OS is Vista.

Thankyou in advance for any assistance.
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I've played the game with a few iterations of the Logitech Dual Action gamepad. Works perfectly and you should be able to find the wired version for $20 or $30.

This is one of very few games that I recommend playing with a gamepad.
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I played it through with a Saitek P880. Worked great.

I agree with spyrochaete, this game has to be played with a game pad. I don't say that very often.
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