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So, any plans for a sequel?

I mean, after finishing the game it becomes apparent that the story was developed with a sequel in mind. The title itself hints this even before the conclusion of the story. I really enjoyed the game and I would definitely pay full price for a sequel, but I fear that the lukewarm reception the game has received may have ruined the plans the developers had for this. What do you guys think, is there gonna be a Twin Sector 2?; I would very much hate to leave Alice wait for too long for help from her sister.

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I personally would like to see a sequel too.

There is a game coming out, called The Spire, that looks very much like a Twin Sector "clone".
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I checked up 'The Spire' - thanks for mentioning it - and it looks promising, if a little bit "unfocused": "survival, mystery, action-adventure", " interactive puzzle environments, clever combat mechanics", "advanced powers", "combo driven combat", I mean, I understand it is their first project and the developers are trying to catch the big fish, but you got to keep things focused.

The ‘Tool’ seems to function as the gravity manipulating gloves in Twin Sector, but with advanced combat abilities, upgradeable powers, power boosting techniques, nothing wrong with that, but if you make it 'combat enabled' you might as well give weapons to the player. Twin Sector was great mainly because the things were extremely simple, you had to follow basic rules and do basic stuff, like pull things, throw things, smash them and that was it, you couldn't get more simple than that and this is why i liked it so much.

Even the parts that got criticised the most, like the clunky way of dealing with tracers, were knowingly designed that way exactly for the purpose of keeping things basic: you see a big metal ball coming towards you, you smash it hard with the first object you lay your hand on. It may not be fun, or a smoothly going thing to do, but it is basic, and for that matter, it is real.
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