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Myst: Masterpiece edition videos?

I purchased the Steam version of Myst: Masterpiece today, but while playing I quickly discovered none of the videos that are in the original CD version work.
The videos that should play when viewing the imager or the two books in the library do not seem to start at all.
I bought this version because both of the versions I already own won't work on my computer, but the fact that the videos do not work is downright disappointing.

Will this be fixed at some point or is this the way the Steam version is intended to be?
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It's not a Valve game so I doubt they had a thing to do with the video's missing. Need to talk to Cyan about that. Perhaps they require some media player, format, or something else no longer supported. This is where GOG is so much better when it comes to really old games. They make sure they work. The Publishers if they bother putting them on Steam just throw the stuff at Steam never seemingly bothering to check and make sure they run correctly.

I'm not going to let it bother me too much though, I still prefer the 3D version Real Myst. At least it plays in full screen and looks much better imo.

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The real problem maybe with QuickTime
Most likly you may need the qt4 patch give it a try
Put the two files in the root folder of Myst Masterpiece Edition
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I tried the qt4 patch, it makes the videos work! But makes everything else not work. Looked into the Riven Vista patch, which works much better, aside from a really slow, stuttery opening and a lack of sound in videos. Will keep trying different versions until it works. It might simply be a Quicktime version issue.
Steam has been spoiling me with old games that work instantly without effort, but at least this one's worth it.
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