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Unhappy Stacking bug in inventory

In the child stage I wondered whether it was part of the game that: everytime you dragged an item onto another (identical) item in order to stack them, the item dragged would dissappear. The only thing that could be stacked without dissappearing was potions.

I found out, however, that after the training in a class (adult stage), SOME items could now stack as they couldn't before. I played for a while and thought the error was only in the child stage then. Though it still happens to some specific items... it's kind of annoying to lose items everytime you think you can stack them but can't...

Another quite annoying error is that you cannot drag an item from the loot box directly into a stack in your inventory...it will make it dissappear no matter the item. So you will have to drag it into an empty space and then into the stack.

Anyone else experiencing thede tiresome bugs when it comes to stacking? and have found a fix?
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Ha, it seems you are right. Stacking really doesn't work correctly if you drag items manually - thanks for letting us know!

If you don't want to lose items, let them stack automatically - that seems to work flawlessly. If you pick up one item after another from a loot by right-clicking on them or if you pick up all of the loot by holding Shift and left-clicking on the loot, they stack automatically and correctly.

If I'm not mistaken, you are the first to report this. And it took more than half a year (since Numen has come to Steam) for this bug to be found. It seems that no matter how many people play your game, some bugs just take time to be revealead.
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