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Pixellated engineers and squads


anybody know how to fix this? it did not happen the first time I played it. Happened with my nvidia 8800 and now with my ati 6970. really makes the game ugly and it is distracting to watch the pixels shift as they move. I don't understand it since nothing else is pixellated like they are.
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As far as I can recall this has always happened for me...?
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They are supposed to look like that. I think if you turn the graphics settings way down it will disable the pixel-effect.
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Somewhere in the options, there's a checkbox saying something like "Pixel effect" Uncheck it.

It annoyed the crap out of me with my 2x5870s, so I turned it off and everything was polygons again.
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haha man thats odd. I wanted to rant the forums about it being broken. THnx for solving it.

it is odd however, cus when engi's cross the water, their reflection is shown all polygonian... funnt how "visual improvements" are thought tobe bugs XD
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