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Several casting logic bugs.

1) 'Too many elements' glitch.

Start with:
QFQFAAR -> [Steam][Water][Lightning][Lightning]

Then add an Earth.

Both the Water already in your element bar, and the Earth you are adding cancel against the 1st Lightning.

Leaving [Steam][Lightning] in your element bar.

HOWEVER, the animation surrounding your wizard becomes out of sync with your element bar.
It appears the code for processing the animation doesn't expect 2 elements to be removed in a single operation.
So visually you will see [Steam][Lightning][Earth].
(you can then add Cold, giving a visual representation of [Water][Lightning][Earth]; possibly the 3 most incompatible elements possible!!)

Using this technique it's possible to have 6 elements orbitting you simultaneously.

This glitch can be repeated ad infinitum; each time the animation around you gains an extra lightning & earth element, until your character is completely obscured!

2) 'phantom element' glitch

QFAAR -> [Water][Lightning][Lightning]

Then add an Earth.

Something similar happens; the Water & the Earth both cancel against the first Lightning leaving just a single [Lightning] in your element bar.
However this remaining [Lightning] element is a phantom element; if you try to cast, it'll act as though your element bar is empty. If you try to add further elements, they will appear ontop of the [Lightning]. (though they don't actually overwrite it)

The visual representation also acts weird; you lose all of the elements orbiting you.

Unfortunately neither of these glitches have any effect on spells concocted while the glitch is in effect; though it's an interesting avenue to explore that might result in discovery of more useful glitches!

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Nice find.
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I think the developers should be aware of that.
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