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if you like sims youll like this

basically the same game as the sims. you have to babysit your dumb sims so they dont set themselves on fire or drown themselves the same way you have to babysit your dungeon.

ive never played dungeon keeper, and never heard of it (i bet it sucked thats why lolol). this games fun, and because of all the bull you have to do yourself right away on the first real mission its pretty intense even with the limited amount of things you can place.

and if you dont want to pay 60 "euros" for something why dont you get out of that backwards part of the world and move to a real country and pay with good hearty american DOLLARS cuz it only cost me 40 bucks.

not a troll post.
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I actually think the game's more like Majesty 2 than anything else. But yea, that and a weird DK-Sims-King's Bounty hero builder hybrid. Not what a lot of people were expecting (the marketing was... a bit inaccurate), certainly not what I was hoping for. And I sure wouldn't pay 60 euros, it's probably not worth the $40 I paid.


Edit - Basic Tower Defense mechanics as well.
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NO! Its not like the sims at all. How many games have you played? Its one of the worst comparisons I have ever heard. Maybe you never played dungeon keeper because you where still a baby when it was out? But it is clear that is the game they borrowed most from even though the gameplay mechanics is way different.

The game is 45euro btw. If it was the amount that equaled 40dollars (30euro) it is still to much for what you get.
But I guess I will move to a "real country" where people are smart like you so I can get cheaper steam games. I guess I will just have to give up my free education and health care but hey its all about the game prices.

I have a feeling this game will be half price pretty soon anyway.
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I hate sims and love this game. So... I don't agree with the comparison...
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