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Angry GRID Has Stopped Working / Windows 7 64bit


I bought GRID from a retail store since it was released "somewhere in 2008", I finished the game and I was really in love with it!
Anyway..after a couple of months I bought the game via Steam in 7/2008, because I like how Steam works and all my games now are purchased via Steam
I was able to play GRID since, but now with my new "computers" I can't even get it to start up!

It shows GRID logo then it stopped working
Any ideas how to fix this annoying issue? I want to play this game since the first of 2010 but I can't!
tried to google this issue, and tried to use these commands "-safemode" "-novirtual" but still the same problem..

My current system:
Intel Core i7-980X
3x GTX580 (3-Way SLI)

My other computer:
Intel Core i7-930
AMD 5970 2GB

All running Windows 7 64bit, same problem with all computers
Thanks in advance.

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Old 03-10-2011, 09:50 AM   #2
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i had the same problim, grid splash sceeen then store page for game would popup after the grid splash screen closed.

grid running all max settings:
windows i7 64 bit pro
mb evga x58 sli
i7 930i (speed step on) core speed 1.9 to 3.6 gig
sli 460 gtx sc (2x768mb ram)
12 gig ram
tv tunner card, media center, ir remote installed
all logtech game pads and keyboard

first: fix was logon to windows live and download windows live games.
second: turn hyper threading off in bios. (could not get the 8 core ini tweek to work)
third: open game ports in fire wall and router

small tweeks was to turn on v-sync. game was trying to run the gfx cards maxed out. avg 280 fps+. i'm still looking for some trusted ini tweeks. game is useing less then 1 third of the gfx ram and hardly useing any pc ram
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My game crashed in the Windows 7 64-bit too, and my audio Drivers are from Realtek, so i entered in the Realtek panel, turned it from "Stereo" to "5.1" and the game worked perfectly!
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I just wanted to say that I also have been very dissappointed with the launch error, because no solution worked. I even tried to reinstall Windows 7 and install GRID first. No better. However, today I decided to try the Windows Consumer Preview. And first thing that I installed after all the drivers was GRID. And guess what – so far it works just fine. Relaunched it several times and so far no errors (knock on wood). I imagine few of you would install the new Windows beta just to launch GRID, but it helped me.
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I had a hard time installing GRID on Win7 64-bit: "GRID has stopped working"

Turns out the problem was with install path.
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Codemasters\GRID" folder is no good for this game and causes crashes.

Once i installed to "C:\Program Files\Codemasters\GRID", all works fine.
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I have Win7-64 and I installed Grid about three weeks ago ... 0 problems at all. runs absolutely fine.

Granted, I haven't installed any of the patches ... those might be game-breakers. Not sure.
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juliuspbennett : Probably the worst solution I've ever heard.
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