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"Getting Started" Steam Tutorial Video

Hey Everyone,

Had an odd idea last week. Imagine someone new to PC gaming installs steam and immediately becomes burdened with not knowing how anything at all works.

Perhaps a video that plays at the end of a steam installation (first launch or after the actual client install, upon account creation, etc.) where you point out that the forums might show where a bug or issue solution is located, navigation of steam, how to use the community features and so forth.

I get the feeling that a lot of people don't know that the game specific forums are a great source of information on specific issues as well as the majority of people who just don't get or understand the community stuff (perhaps because things are buried or just because of the way things are laid out).

Well, thoughts?
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Very good thoughts, if the video can be supported by all languages.
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I like this because when i first got steam for my L4D2 i was completely lost for about a month until my friend said she had steam and she helped me.
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that would out newcomers
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Videos are great....... until something changes. They change the UI regularly, and that would require keeping the video updated.

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A better designed UI would remove the need for a video.
1.) For starters the client has 3 menu bars. Yes, count them, the whole UI just needs to be storyboarded and mock-ups made. Context sensitive menus are all the rage in 2000, but the Client 's navigation system is still stuck in the 1970's . The number of menu items would come down if all the functionality was properly grouped based on it's work-flow. Just putting settings that you think are related to each other near each other does not work anymore.
2.) Um, is it possible to have a high-contrast UI scheme? I find reading on a laptop very hard.
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