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Lightbulb Debugger Patch Instructions

If you missed the previous announcement, you might be wondering what the small patch we just released does. The primary purpose of this patch is the verbose debug mode which will record what happens when you run Chime. As we said before the reason we've been unable to release fixes for some bugs is because we've been unable to reproduce them in order to find out exactly what is causing them (because no 2 PCs are set up exactly the same). Now if you're experiencing a problem you can record it so that we can pinpoint the cause!

To activate the verbose debug mode;

1. Open your Steam games library and right click on Chime. Select Properties.

2. Under the "General" tab click on "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS".

3. In the text field that appears enter "-verbose" (without the "").

4. Attempt to launch Chime and afterwards navigate to

C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Application Data\Chime

and you'll find a file called "verbose.log" which will contain some information about your last session with Chime. Send that to customersupport@zoemode.com with a brief description of your problem and hopefully we'll have a fix for you soon!
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