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Crash when selecting class.

Self explanitory.

Tried reinstalling, nothing worked.

Closed and reopened steam, still nothing.

Rebooted computer, same result.

Tried to "verivy integrity" or whatever, still nothing.

Happens on every single server in the game.

Though I shouldn't be suprised. It's not like source games ever work in the first place.
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Got a custom HUD? ...but you did say you reinstalled.
Check for some read only files maybe...

The class screens are in dod/resource/ui/

Also in the dod/scripts folder you should only have HudLayout.res, HudAnimations.txt and maybe mod_textures.txt, anything else maybe related to class.

Other than that there is a cvar set by a tickbox on the class screens... hud_classautokill "0" if "1" ... "Automatically kill player after choosing a new playerclass."

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