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Confusing controls. :(

So... I have been playing the game for a few minutes, and I tried the "practice" >.> Well... Practice is kicking my ... >.> Any one else finding the controls confusing?

And would any one be willing to hop on Skype, or vent with me and coach me through this game?
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I'm in the same boat as you, I cant even hit the ball.

Edit - I found this whilst scouring the interweb. Maybe it will help some people.


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controls explained

If you look closer at the controls they are actually surprisingly logical. You have five types of shot:

single key press - defensive shot
no key - normal agressive shot
ctrl - push shot
shift - loft
alt - slog

The actual keys actually correspond to the direction you wish to place the shot. so right+ right hits it towards 3 on the clock, down + left hits it towards 8 on the clock etc...

For shots such as the sweep imagine the cursors indicating the start and end position of the bat. I.e. to sweep left to right you press left then right in succession.

When you get used to them they are very intuitive and the game mechanics are a LOT better than any other cricket game.

I'd join you for a session but it appears the servers are down!

Hope that helps anyway! Stick with it because it's a great game once you master the controls.
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