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Coming from C&C: Generals, would I like Red Alert 3?

Hi there. I've been staring at the Steam store over the last weekend, thinking about whether or not to get Red Alert 3 . I checked the review on GameSpot but I'm still not sure. I've played the original Red Alert and Red Alert 2 but I heard 3 was a disappointment compared to the older games. My main C&C game would have been Generals which I got into fairly well but would I enjoy Red Alert 3 or its not really that good? Thanks.
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I think that Red Alert 3 is the most like Generals in terms of gamestyle, harvesting, support powers, and the fact that the right mix of units can beat spam units from the enemy if used correctly.
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well, like posted above, RA3 is like a mix between generals and RA2, IF you liked RA2 and generals, I see NO REASON why you shouldn't like this as well!

it's quite entertaining and maybe you should get uprising too (campaign is worth it)
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Yup. Coming from just Generals, I'd be hesitant due to it's silly over the top presentation. But if you liked the earlier Red Alerts, this should be a nice time for yee
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RA3 even has the stupid quarks of Zero Hour. For exampl,e Empire vs Empire is nothing but tengu spam and whoever gets more wins just like air force generals having Raptor airfield fights all day. The game lasted me a while but overall the strats are fairly linear. It kind of traps you into doing certain things if you wanna survive certain kinds of attacks.
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Download the demo and find out!
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