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Campaign Achievements Obtainable?

I was going over the achievements list and noticed there are achievements for all campaign cities. You get them for completing all tasks in a city.

I just finished Berlin and am pretty sure I completed everything and after the last task I'm not getting any new ones.

Are these achievements even obtainable?
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hi, ive got the same problem. or, might it be a really hard feature?
anyway, im on vienna, and the scenario complete thingie is to get 50 000 in cash. easily obtainable by taking out a loan.. but ive come nothnig near the 61 tasks aviable in vienna.

will some of them come over time maby?

(testing this now, by letting the echonomics steady up abit, and letting the game run for 20-40 years.
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Please make sure you finish all the tasks in a city, since there might be some optional missions given after you've actually ready to move forward in the campaign. Also please notice that there are more than one scenario in every city. So to achieve this you'll have to play all the tasks in all the 4 scenarios of Berlin, for example. I hope this helped
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You visit the city more then once, they stack up
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