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Red Redemption
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The launch, the patch, the Apocalypse, and beyond...

We've been working all hours to get Fate of the World launched and finally it's out there. As a self-funded indie developer this has been really hard - we've made mistakes which I hope to now remedy for you.

First is patch one. That is up today and contains some fixes and tightening up of the gameplay. Patch notes will be stickied shortly.

Also first is Dr Apocalypse. We had hoped to include our favorite mission at launch, but our designers felt it wasn't quite ready. We will be releasing it to you as a free downloadable content pack on the 16th. I'm going to have to ask your forebearance, because we're going to give it to reviewers first on the 11th. The reason for that is that the money that pays for us to do more patches, more cards, better modelling, and all that good stuff for you depends on Fate of the World getting maximum exposure. If you know anyone you think should be writing about Fate - get them to contact us for a reviewer code and they'll see it early. (If we get a couple of thousand review requests in the next 24 hours we're going to be suspicious!)

We also failed badly at synching up our pricing and offers. Everyone who purchased the Steam special edition, or pre-ordered, will receive the Denial mission. Denial is a special set of policy cards, impacts, and achievements relating to the simple question 'Why can't reality be how I want?' When that mission goes up - probably on the day of the Apocalypse - you will get also get Steam cloud support and everyone who got the game via BMT will be issued a Steam key into the bargain. We feel like this gives you access to a really great service. We have a check list of additional content that our early supporters are receiving, and that will be up then too.

What next? In mid-April we expect to put up our first paid-for DLC and we hope you'll try it. This will bring migration into the game, which is going to be pretty serious. The world might get a bit darker, that day.

Mid-April is also when you'll then finally be able to play Fate on the Mac, and in German or Spanish. From there a boxed-copy version should be in stores by end-of-April or mid-May. That will be handled by Lace-Mamba games and they'll finalise that date with us sometime in April.

Thank you for all your patience and support.
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Hahaha, you guys are just awesome.

I'm studying climate change and environmental migration, so I thought migration was the only thing missing...AND BOOM!

I hope this game gets the attention it deserves, which is a LLLOOOTTT.

1 DLC pack sold already!
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The BBC's done another article on you
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Congratulations for the launch and thanks for the roadmap update.

Originally Posted by vonklaude View Post
(...) and everyone who got the game via BMT will be issued a Steam key into the bargain. We feel like this gives you access to a really great service.
Just a clarification: this doesn't imply that the stand-alone client will be discontinued, right?

EDIT: Thanks for the clarification vonklaude.

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Red Redemption
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Kismet the stand alone client will continue to be supported.
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Originally Posted by vonklaude View Post
First is patch one. That is up today and contains some fixes and tightening up of the gameplay. Patch notes will be stickied shortly.
If the patch IS up today where as a standalone client buyer can I get it? order links give me that I dl'ed yesterday .. or is that it?
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I sent a news tip into Arstechnica. They cover games and they also cover science including a fair bit of the science behind climate change so a review of Fate of the World seems like it would be a natual fit. Hopefully they do one.

Their parent company also owns Wired which would be another great place to see a review of the game. Some of Arstechnica's content gets published on Wired's site as well.

It might be worth contacting them yourselves, I'm sure you have a better chance of getting a review done than I.
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Looks like patch is live (but the whole game was re-downloaded, looks like?). Notes soon would be great.
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Red face

still no working steam version for me though
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Thumbs up Thank you for Fate of the World

I'd just like to offer my humble thanks to the developers, climatologists and everyone else who contributed to this game.

I am an environmental and social justice activist, and spend most of my time outside my day job working on social and environmental issues related to climate change. I focus on directly contributing to campaigns against mountaintop removal coal mining in Appalachia and horizontal shale gas drilling (aka "hydrofracking") in Pennsylvania and New York, and it's sort of stunning to see all the elements of human-driven climate change synthesized into a program like this.

My work involves a significant amount of travel, and I have worked in many communities suffering tremendously from MTR and shale gas extraction projects. On a personal level, I've found that it's very difficult for me to handle the damage caused by these processes when you're actually standing in the middle of a site. Fossil fuel extraction is, by its nature, an ugly, destructive thing. The global scale of Fate of the World makes the devastation of MTR mining and hydrofracking seem small by comparison, but it's a powerful, useful perspective to have access to.

Three minor, constructive suggestions:

1.) Get this into the schools. This is an amazing educational resource with a tremendous volume of important things going on under the hood. Fate of the World could help a new generation of students wrap their heads around the global implications of a civilization that continues to be based on destructive, non-renewable fossil fuels. Change will begin with the youth, but only if they understand WHY change is necessary.

2.) Just as you included water table pollution caused by shale gas extraction, perhaps incorporating the devastating effects mountaintop removal mining has on forest ecosystems, watershed integrity and air quality would be relevant as well. MTR mining is continuing to expand in Appalachia as coal becomes harder and harder to extract from other areas. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mountaintop_removal_mining)

3.) The Athabasca Tar Sands extraction projects of Western Canada have been called the single most destructive industrial project in human history, and involves deforestation on a massive scale, followed by a long process of literally boiling the tarry soil with natural gas in order to eventually extract oil. Without a doubt, this is the dirtiest, least efficient extraction process conceived yet, followed closely (in my opinion) by shale gas drilling. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Athabasca_oil_sands)

I fully understand that it would be nearly impossible to include all the various iterations of destructive energy extraction processes, but I just couldn't help but mention those two examples.

Again, a brilliant and inspiring program. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that y'all continue adding more content to the simulation.

Thank you, Red Redemption. I sincerely hope Fate of the World receives the critical praise and exposure it truly deserves.

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So if I purchase the STEAM version now I'll still get the Denial mission? I've already bought the GamersGate version but I like this game so much I think I might support you guys by buying it twice.
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Really would appreciate patch notes in forums (and if possible bit faster . Since patch overwrites .lua files it's annoying to try to find whether there is any new changes anywhere or if I just can take copy of new one and place old (modified) .lua file over new one.

Also is it possible to eventually open some space somewhere to mods? There isn't any rush with it yet or in couple weeks/months (do hope that someone actually gets interested about it... this game is wonderful in it's modding possibilities) but eventually
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There are differences in policies.lua, i compared the new file and the old one yesterday. 2 new cards and some adjustments.

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Any info on the price of the paid dlc?
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for one it is now impossible to cap and trade asap as your starting strategy.
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