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Steam Randomly Going Offline

For the past couple of days, steam has been acting wonky. My friends status keeps switching back and forth to the "Could not connect to steam network,..." thing. Its just me, as my friends do not have the same problem. It not my internet, i get around 30 mbs. I dunno what to else to say, Please help!
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Speed of your internet doesn't mean it will be perfectly working all the time. It could be a problem with your modem/router overloading and switching off and on again. If you are using wireless connection it also may have problems on some hardware configurations.
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As Deer rightly says, max speed of your internet has virtually nothing to do with the quality of your connection.

First things I would do:

When/If the problem occurs again, close all other programs and perform an online speed test. This will give you a rough indication of your ACTUAL capabilities (not the claimed speed ISPs tend to bandy wildly about). Make sure you're using a LAN cable to do this test, and not WiFi.

Secondly, I'd open your router's control panel and have a look at the speeds mentioned there. See how they compare to what your speed test claimed. They should be close.

Also, note if your getting CRC and other errors. If they're high (in the hundreds of thousands or much more), it's likely you have a problem somewhere in your system.

Note that your internet speed must show a good upload speed as well as down (this is a particular problem in England, poor old us).

If you are getting errors and other problems, always make sure your router's kept WELL AWAY from other electrical circuitry. DON'T put it on top of your PC, or near TVs or anything else like that. Make sure power cables and phone cables aren't tangled or crossed over either.

There's many more things that could be the problem, but this is where I'd start first. These problems are common, and a lot of people overlook placement of router as an issue.

Rather off-topic, I saw a fascinating report about our UK internet the other day. Many people, when asked will say their internet is some amazing speed, but in reality never gets close. Most people in the UK have the "up to 8Mbps" service, but in reality, the number of people who get 8Mbps or more is a mere 1%!

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