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Installed of discs , steam keeps trying to download it.

I have installed this Twice now of the discs and each time steam goes and start downloading 22 gig game file. This is so annoying I just want to play the game.

I have tried this.

nstalling from Disc instead of Steam
I try to install my retail game from the included disc(s), but the game begins downloading through Steam instead. What can be done?
Mac Users:
If you are using a Mac, you will not be able to install from the disc. Please double-click on the game in your Library list to begin downloading and installing the software.
Using Steam launch options to install retail games from disc

Log in to Steam and click on Library.
Right-click on the game, select Delete local content, and confirm.
Insert the first disc into your computer.
Close Steam (Steam > Exit).
Press Windows Key + R to open Run
In the Run window type:

"C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -install E:

Replace E: with the CD/DVD drive you are installing from if is not correct.
Replace C:\Program Files\Steam if your Steam installation is not in the default location.
Press OK. Steam will launch and ask you to sign in if you do not have your password saved. Your installation should continue from the disc.

This process is only intended for retail store bought copies of Steam games (ie. Left 4 Dead, Modern Warfare 2). It will not work for backup discs of any Steam games

This is so e. I have spent 2 hours trying to play this game now.
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-install E: 'E:' this should match location of your system DVD drive unit from where NTW disc is to be installed .
Also don't forget the ':'
It rather seems that even after removing NTW from Steam there remains data in the download cache. try turning off auto update for NTW, before removing NTW then restarting Steam using the run command.
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I got the retail Disc version also, when it started the 20+GB download after installing the two DVD's i just paused the download and restarted steam and it only had to download about 700MB or so.
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What I don't understand is why i have to update it at all. I know the update's beneficial, but why should it be compulsory? I will do it when I'm freaking ready.

This is so much of what is wrong with modern gaming.
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Really tnx da_foles

Same problem here . intelligent steam metod
is really a pleasure see the staff reply after 3 month of this post .

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It's not going to download the complete game again, it's just downloading the update wich is little over 2GB I believe. For one or other reason it just starts over from zero again as if it is going to install the complete game over again, but after 2GB it's done. If you click on play while it's downloading, there opens a small box that gives you the exact time left for update.

btw more games do this in steam when start on update reset download to 0.

To avoid this I think you have to make a new back up after each update of games. I have to renew my back ups also because there needs to download to much updates with most games. (I just had to reinstall everything)

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