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Weird GFX fault - black boxes

has anyone else seen this? I am getting large black boxes all round the edges of my guns and some characters. It seems like it's mainly when I move the gun over the area occupied by another character or lighting effect.

I'm using a Radeon 5750 in XP.

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Ryne S.
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Hmm never had that problem...I got a nvidia gtx 470...but I do get green and black boxes on some lightening textures. I think that's just the game the way it is until they patch it. The boxes around your gun on the other hand prob has something to do with your card or compat problem within the game...but don't worry wait for a patch or a ati fix.
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project 90
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same as ryne s mine was in the distance on the ship chapter 7 thing where there was some lighting panels on the wall, little black boxes appeared once close went away
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