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Question Is Requiem a good game?

I have play´d Overture, almost trough with Black plauge and just started with Amnesia, However im just curious about Requiem. is it worth playing? I loved the penumbra series so far but i lost intrest in requiem and don´t realy feel like playing it. should i?
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I loved Requiem. I think it gets a lot of undeserved hate. It's not as terrifying as the other entries (nor does it really play like them)... But it has excellent atmosphere, insanely surreal environments, and fun puzzles.
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requiem is a loose end tyer(lol spelling) it has a decent atmosphere, some interesting points though no where near as scary. If your looking for more info on the end of black plague snd some fun puzzles. this game is for you
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I just compleated black plauge and thought it was a great and intresting way to end the series, so I can´t wait to see what requiem have to offer
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Overture and BP are survival horror, Requiem is not; it's just a series of increasingly difficult puzzles. (which doesn't mean the game is bad)
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Requiem doesn't have anything to do with the first two games.

There is no survival horror aspect to it, no story, no monsters.

Its just a bunch of Puzzles, and is easier to relate to a Platform style game than anything else..

IMO, stop at black plague and don't bother with requiem.
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Play requiem for what it is, which is not a typical Penumbra/Amnesia type game. It's a puzzle platformer with an eerie and interesting setting. Don't read spoilers, figure it out for yourself, even if that means taking an extra day or two.
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Is Requiem a good game?

Lots of bugs. I have tested it on my desktop, laptop, wifes computer, work computer, co-workers computers, and it is really buggy.

Overture was a great game, and so was black plague. They where well coded, and work on systems dating back to 2000.

The worst system I tested on was my wife's. It has a core 2 duo, 4 core, 64 bit processor, Two Nvidia 8800 GTX , 1 gig cards in it, SLI enabled, and 8 gigs of system ram.
The game ran at a stunning 14Fps.

My desktop has an Nvidia 460 with 1 gig, an i7 possessor @ 3.4 GHZ, 16 gigs of RAM, a dedicated PhysX card, and running windows 7 ultimate. (I need it for the language packs, so please stop giggling )
It runs at normal speed but all of the alpha masked textures flicker, and the screen keeps going black for up to 5 seconds at a time.

I hesitate to buy amnesia because of this technical disaster of a game.

i have a feeling it was made as a prototype for a real game, then scrapped for Amnesia.

Save your money.
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Wall o text below, read at your own discretion

Well I played through black plague (Amazing), gonna get overture soon, but I also got requiem with black plague. So far I've put about an hour n half into requiem and am quite disappointed. It is just a platform puzzle game, has very little to do with Black Plague, no fear, no story (Or noteable one that I've seen), I almost feel like I'm playing a not as awesome Portal clone. Now as a platform puzzle game, it would be alright I guess, pure puzzles are not my kinda games, what irks me and I'm sure why so many dislike it is the Title of the product.

People play through the first two, having to change their pants a couple times due to sudden and rather explosive defecation brought apon by INTENSE fear, they pick up this game that has the same name and even starts out as if it's continuing the story where BP left off, they sit there doing the first puzzle or two a bit confused as to what is going on, then players(Like me) come to the sad realization that this is not a fear inducing game that's meant to keep your heart pounding every step of the way, but instead find it's just a brain stormer of puzzles. It is at that moment your heart sinks with sadness, here you were hoping for more Penumbra but instead get a game that uses it's engine but is nothing like Penumbra.

They could have called it something else and just made it a stand alone puzzle game and it would be fine, maybe get negative comments for not being a super awesome puzzle game like Portal, but otherwise would not get the kind of feed back it gets now. Heres a example, when the X-Com series was bought by Altar people got really excited, finally a new installment of a awesome series, when they released a game called "X-Com" and players played it, their forums had to be shut down because of the INSANE amount of negative feed back as they turned the game into something completely different, players wanted X-Com and they got something that barely even resembles it. See what I'm saying?, don't name a game that has nothing to do with the series, people will get false hopes and when they don't get what they had hoped for they get really angry, they will even ignore if the game was actually good or not, they feel betrayed none the less and will resent it.

Now to answer your question Stinkytaco about Amnesia, it is a beefed up version of Penumbra, it's a survival horror, but there isn't as much in the way of threats, only a dozen monsters in the game and later on they kinda lose their terror factor a little, but still none the less the single most terrifying game I have ever played, it gives the sickest "Impending Doom" feeling you will ever experience, hell even the very shadows are out to kill you (LITTERALLY!). If you want more Penumbra (Best compared to Black Plague) than it is very much so worth getting. As for bugs in it, well I never found any game breakers, only glitches I found was ways to cheat over certain puzzles (Probably harder than doing them the right way lol).

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