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Magicka Challenge Editor!

Hello everyone!

Are you tired of the challenges that are available from start? Have you beaten them like 200 times already? Hehe

Then you should download JakeMeer's Magicka Challenge Editor!

  • Contains 4 different difficulties: easy, normal, hard and insane.
  • Generates random waves everytime you use it but still keeps the difficulty level - no challenge will ever be the same.
  • Enable bosses in the challenge (every last wave contains "boss").
  • Programmed to avoid the "fall through floor"-glitch as much as possible.
  • Screenshot here.
  • Download v0.1 here.

17/3: Fixed a bug that made the program spawn identical waves.

(Be sure to make a backup of existing challenges if you have moded them and want to keep it that way).

Please let me know your opinions about it so I can improve it Currently working on a PvP-mod for it also! It will probably be available in the next version (v0.2), which I'm currently working on.

(And thanks paradox and arrowhead for this brilliant game!)


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Do you have a screenshot? Is this a challenge creator, or a challenge editor?
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Originally Posted by Xinhuan View Post
Do you have a screenshot? Is this a challenge creator, or a challenge editor?
I've added a screenshot.

It's an editor so it edits the available challenges but it also can restore them to default state with the push of a button.
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So let me make sure that I understand... With this editor I can change the difficulty level on the campaign? Or is this something different entirely.
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im guessing everyone has to do this if you're playing with other people? or just the host?
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Thumbs up

this sounds epic ; thanks , your work is appreciated
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Old 04-04-2011, 03:59 AM   #7
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thanks, but this doesnt work at all for me.

if I edit Hávindr Arena then when trying to host I can only choose The Glade, if I try switch it wont allow and only shows yellow exclamation mark and says cant use VAC blabla.. same other way around.
if I edit both Hávindr Arena & The Glade, the game will crash when trying to host. anywhere VAC etc. can be turned off so itll work?

heres the crashlog
Thread: LogicThread
System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
at Magicka.GameLogic.UI.LevelMessageBox.Show(GameType iType, Boolean iAllowCustom, Action`4 iOnComplete)
at Magicka.GameLogic.GameStates.Menu.Main.SubMenuOnli ne.OnHostGame(GameType iGameType, String iName, Boolean iVAC, String iPassword)
at Magicka.GameLogic.UI.NetworkHostMessageBox.OnSelec t(Controller iSender)
at Magicka.GameLogic.UI.NetworkHostMessageBox.OnMouse Click(MouseState iNewState, MouseState iOldState)
at Magicka.GameLogic.Controls.KeyboardMouseController .Update(DataChannel iDataChannel, Single iDeltaTime)
at Magicka.GameLogic.Controls.ControlManager.HandleIn put(DataChannel iDataChannel, Single iDeltaTime)
at Magicka.GameLogic.GameStates.GameState.Update(Data Channel iDataChannel, Single iDeltaTime)
at Magicka.GameLogic.GameStates.MenuState.Update(Data Channel iDataChannel, Single iDeltaTime)
at Magicka.GameLogic.GameStates.GameStateManager.Upda te(DataChannel iDataChannel, Single iDeltaTime)
at Magicka.Game.Update(Single iDeltaTime)
at Magicka.Game.ThreadedUpdate()
thx in advance for any help..
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