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Banned steam account

Hi, i have a problem with my steam account. i've got banned for using cheats in CODENAME:GORDON and Counter Strike Deleted scenes and those games i've never installed.
Can Anyone help me? My steam account is pitiku_me.
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You'll need to contact support.

Nobody on these forums can help you. We're users just like you, and can only give you a bit of guidance.
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It sounds like you have been banned in all GlodSource games. VAC bans by game engine and if you are banned in any of the GoldSource games, you are banned in all, regardless if you own any of the others or not...

Sticky: Valve Anti-Cheat: Information Thread

From the support FAQ pages:

Please read up on VAC, in the above thread and in the support section.

These forums can not help with VAC ban issues. Contacting support is your only option.

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