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Thinking about buying...

Hey guys ,

So I see Sacred 2 is back on steam to buy and its only $10.00 bucks. I was wondering if the online is still working fine with this game, and if people still play it online at all

I love dungeon crawlers and I will for sure buy this if someone could answer this. I have a feeling no one plays this online though . Communities for dungeon crawlers always seem to die quick.
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I haven't seen many people online, but I don't have access to the higher difficulties yet. The max I've seen in bronze and silver games has been 10 or 20.
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You might want to check forums like http://darkmatters.org/forums/ for sacred 2 players. I would say, don't miss up on the chance to get a game that's still supported by the community (There's a dedicated team that works on patching the game, given you have the Ice & Blood Expansion).

Also, the Ice & Blood expansion IS COMPATIBLE with this version of the game, there's a thread with info on how to do it around here and on the official sacred 2 forums.
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