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Breach Server Browser 03/31/2011

Breach Server Browser is a simple game server browser for Atomic Games' Breach.


- Randomly selects from configurable list the master game server
- Comprehensive list of filters for selecting the servers to be included
- Allows viewing of servers, players and settings
- Results are displayed in fully sortable tables
- Remembers filter values


Main Form


Microsoft .NET Framework



Changelog: 03/31/2011
- added player filter
- added update button to acquire a new list of servers
- changed refresh button to now update existing servers
- cleaned up user interface
- status bar now reports the number of servers being added
- status bar now reports the number of servers being updated
- packaged as msi
- updated readme.txt 03/29/2011
- remember filter values
- numerous minor bug fixes 02/19/2011
- initial release

Todo List:

- improve user interface
- add favorites
- add friends


Number of players as reported is presently inaccurate.
Game does not support launching in to a game.

Bugs? Problems? Wishes?

Please let me know of any bugs or problems that you find, so that I can fix them as soon as possible. Also tell me of any feature that you may want added, and I'll see if it's possible.


0. Uninstall any existing release.
1. Download latest version of Breach Server Browser
2. Run setup program

Users' Guide:

Update is used to acquire a new list of servers.

Refresh is used to update the existing list of servers.

Reset is used to clear the filters.

Clipboard is used to copy the selected server name, address and port number to the clipboard.

Cancel is used to stop the current Update or Refresh request.

Tips and Tricks:

You can update a server's information by double clicking on the appropriate row.

As you move from server to server the server's information is updated.

Pressing Ctrl+C will copy the row into the clipboard.

Copyright (C) 2011 Enabling Software. All rights reserved.

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