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Red face This has nothing to do with steam but I NEED HELP!

(copypasted from Facebook)

In the back of my mind, I've been thinking about my old Atari 800XL... After searching a bit and trying to figure out what's wrong with it (after hearing a while ago it was the power supply), I think I need a super old monitor with 4 colors for the RCA: Yellow, White, Red, and Black. Hooking it up with only the YWBs of the RCA to my newer TVs doesn't work... not sure if it's cuz they're new, I don't have the black one plugged in, or if I have it on the wrong input... I've tried putting it on channel 2/3 (there's a switch on the computer), AV1, components... nothing is working ATM.... ANYONE HAVE ANY INFO ABOUT THIS????

Yeah so... I need help with my Atari 800XL lol
Anyone have info about these things?
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Google is your friend!

Most of those real old console/PC's with no dedicated monitor had a thing you had to connect to the antenna thing on the back of any TV. This was way before the TV's we have now with just the cable connections. If all that is wrong is your TV is too new try and find one in a GoodWill/Salvation Army Store/thrift shop somewhere. With the advent of Digital TV they are worthless unless you have cable so many people just give them away.
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