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Win 7, 64 bit works with Star Wolves

Win 7, 64 bit works with Star Wolves

Currently on mission 18. Have not finished it yet. Not using any special patches. Playing the Steam version as is. Do like the game, but it is an acquired taste. So far have had 3 problems on my Win 7, 64 bit system:

1) Game crashed one time after intermission while starting next mission. Was not able to avoid the game crash by loading the auto-save intermission save file. Had to load a previous save file.

2) The mothership had severe movement problems in missions: ”Nest of Hydra” and “Heart of Hydra”. It acts like it is hitting invisible objects and will not turn in certain directions. In “Nest of Hydra” was not able to loot everything before exiting the mission. In “Heart of Hydra” was not able to exit the mission due to the mothership would not change altitude. It could be a random failure or ... maybe too many objects in the game caused an overflow error. In both missions you are supporting navy ships and there is a tendency to not loot as you go since you want to keep up with the navy ships. I restarted “Heart of Hydra” and looted as I went. Unfortunately by the time I showed up to the last battle all the navy ships were destroyed, making the last battle tougher. Did not have any problems with the mothership this second time.

3) On one mission one wingman got stuck out in the middle of space with no objects around him. Reloaded last save. He was still out there by himself, but this time when removed from the wing group was able to steer him back to the others. This might have been the same problem that the mothership had. If so, then it is a random problem and has nothing to do with too many objects in the mission.

So... save often and restore on bizarre problems. Have played most missions without any problems.

Star Wolves 2: Only played through the tutorial on my Win 7, 64 bit machine. Was able to easily shoot the 6 practice targets but it took several minutes to destroy the buoy. At “normal” level, the hero kept missing with the guns. He shoots poorly until his gunnery skills are upgraded. Maybe the skill tree is more critical in Star Wolves 2?

– Larki __
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