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When I try to login, nothing happens, Please help!

Hey guys!

Yesterday I started to encounter a new sort of problem. When I put my login details and press enter, Steam simply hangs there for a very, very long time. I dont know what is the problem, never experienced this before.

Also, I dont have a router, just a modem. Internet working fine. Some people told me it might be an ISP issue but Im highly skeptical. Please help!
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Make sure Steam is closed.

Open your Steam folder - C:\Program Files\Steam - or - C:\Program Files x86\Steam
Move the "steamapps" folder to your desktop.
Open Control Panel
Add/Remove Programs
Uninstall Steam

Install Steam
Move the "steamapps" folder back into the Steam folder
Run Steam
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I just experienced this, this afternoon. A simple deletion of Clintregistry.blob and restarting steam fixed this.
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Before reinstalling Steam. Try deleting clientregistry.blob in your Steam folder and restarting Steam....
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