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Post #1: Narodnaya Solyanka, "Peoples Soup", V14.08 & other versions.

Post #2: Troubleshooting, Tips, Optional files (weather, graphics, gun packs and other mini mods).

Post #3: DMX Mod by Shadows. DKZ and Tecnobacon Releases. Expanded Versions of Narodnaya Solyanka.

Post #4: Long list of NS mod features, plus links to other mods: OGSE 6.9.2 R2 Mod and Secret Trails 2.

LATEST NEWS, May 12th 2014: A new expanded version of Narodnaya Solyanka is released.

Stalker Joint Pak 2 / OP-2. Сталкер Объединенный Пак 2 / ОП-2

I'm playing this now, with an early translation. More details here: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum...postcount=1582

Two TRANSLATED earlier versions are ready to play.

April 27th 2013 Narodnaya Solyanka NS Joint Pak PLO + K + MA (English) by Achillesdave
Includes Combined Weapons pack 1.1 (BUUSTY), The Collector 0.5.5, and Master Addon 1.1.
For SOC patched to V1.0004. Steam patch level SOC V1.0005 plays after applying NS_adaptaciya_k_1.0005-1.0006, and then the Joint Pak adaptation to SOC 1.0005/6.


April 7th 2013 NS DMX 1.3.5 ENGMOD v1.0 Beta by Boutch71 (See Post #1511)
Includes: "Addon_by_Saruman.1.1..+..adapt_Nanosuit2\NTH. .+.. Oracl_HUD_"Makckey"
For SOC patched to V1.0004 but also has a mod patch and files for SOC @ V1.0006.

Aug 14 2013 New DMX DKZ 1.3.2 torrent link. Apr 1 2012 New Cave save links. Feb 19th 2012 Guide from A185 for Narodnaya Solyanka & DMX gets an update. Feb 2nd Patch to V1.07b for Boutch71's DMX 1.3.4 Translation. Jan 28th 2012 Mirrored Achillesdave's translation of April-1-2011. Sept 11th Crash fixing Script Patches by Shadowman. August 21st Buusty Weapon Pack Final (70 guns) add-on for NS. August 2nd 2011 STALKERSOUP Tecnobacon's NS-DMX 1.3.4+ open beta test released, July 30th 2011 DMX 1.3.4 Translation by Boutch71.

TECNOBACON.COM site is live, August 1st 2011, with their STALKERSOUP Mod (Narodnaya Solyanka + DMX DKZ + DMX 1.3.4, open BETA). This is a test version, under active development, and a fun sandbox experience. You can help by testing and reporting. Want to play through the entire plot? The released versions of Narodnaya Solyanka, DMX DKZ 1.3.2, or DMX 1.3.4, linked and discussed within this thread, have all been played to completion. Most new players should try the Stalkersoup mod (more players to help you, and the mod team is on the Steam forums). See post #3 for more Stalkersoup and DMX Mod information.
Stalkersoup Steam Forum Thread: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=2031941

Guide by A185 for Narodnaya Solyanka (DMX & Stalkersoup plot source), with Pseudostomp/Snork Tips, from re-aktor.ru. Updated February 19th 2012, released Oct 7th 2010, 38 pages. I've translated what Google missed, added a few tips, some "SPOILERS" hidden in white on white text, and uploaded a 3 Mb searchable PDF, with pictures (thumbs & full screen links). Link: https://sites.google.com/site/frieds...edirects=0&d=1

Expanded Guide by Burger, Updated 11-11-2010. The A185 Guide is updated to include events from more recent versions of the mod, better pictures and maps (zoom in on them), tips to ease your passage, and improved English translations. http://www.gamefront.com/files/17504407 Guide Nov 11 2010.rar (14 Mb file).

Supplement to the A185 guide, by MAV, Last Day - Dead City, for the August 2010 Expansion Pack, Google translated. https://sites.google.com/site/frieds...2010_Nov14.pdf

Guide @ AMK-team.ru (Russian): http://www.amk-team.ru/forum/index.p...opic=5784&st=0
Guide @ re-aktor.ru : http://www.re-aktor.ru/forums/index....owtopic=3&st=0
Mini FAQ: http://www.amk-team.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=8763
Official mod download page: http://www.amk-team.ru/forum/index.p...opic=5480&st=0
Mod forum index at AMK: http://www.amk-team.ru/forum/index.php?showforum=38
Mod director site, with screenshots of new features: http://www.arhara.ucoz.com/
Google translate tips: Try the Google Chrome browser with this extension https://chrome.google.com/extensions...hkkikfgjllcleb Also edit the end of the link and jump to a later post, change "&st=0" to "&st=2" etc.. Sometimes translate more of a page by translating twice.

(... from the Russian download page). (BTW, I am a fan, not a mod author).
- 30+ Locations: Cordon, Swamp, Garbage, Dark Valley, Forgotten Wood, Not Reconnoitered Territory, SRI Agroprom, Bar, Wild Territory, Yantar, Military Warehouses, Radar, Pripyat, CHAES1, CHAES2, Sarcophagus, ATP, Red Forest, Limansk, Hospital, Old Village, Generators, Underground Research Agroprom, Lab x18, X16, X10, Varlab, Cave, Labyrinth, Merv, Zaton.
- 14+ Mutants: jerboa, rat, leech, marsh bloodsucker, a chimera, elktrohimera, controller, kink, poltergeist, fire poltergeist, byurer.
- 13 Factions: Loners, Military, Mercenaries, Bandits, Environmentalists, Duty, Last Day, Freedom, representatives of the "C"-consciousness, Monolith, Clear Sky, Hunters, Avengers + dealers and repairers (even rumors of the presence in the Zone of women).
- Huge number of weapons, from fists and knives to heavy machine guns and grenade launchers.
- Great variety of armor, with the possibility of upgrading.
- 5 types of detectors. 15+ anomalies. 4 mobile teleport devices. 45+ artifacts.
- Huge number of quests (200 to 300 hours of content). Unique quest caches.
People Soljanka - this is not a game, it is - virtual reality. Here you are guaranteed a different experience with every game. Here everyone can find something to their liking."

The game becomes much better after the Cave level. Be warned, for some of us that love the Stalker series, this mod is addictive "Stalker crack". We can't stop playing it.

>>> INSTALLATION <<< The Easy Way

Downloadable v14.08 Gamedata folders. Two sets to choose from, posted by Napalms, or by Achillesdave.
Copy either gamedata folder to your Stalker SOC game directory. Everyone should add the newest translation (below). STEAM users must add the adaptation to SOC V1.0005. Edit fsgame.ltx before playing any mods. Change "false" to "true" ($game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata). Add -noprefetch to the game shortcut so the mod has more working memory (other options: -nointro, -noshadows). Read the "Hard Way" instructions for more tips.

Achillesdave's 8 part version, posted 18-9-2010: Narodnaya Solyanka v19.04+14.08+03.09 for SOC V1.0004. "This is the latest version of the mod with all patches and translation files already applied...". Extract each archive with 7-Zip. Carefully combine eight Gamedata folders into a single Gamedata folder. You should never find a Gamedata folder within the Gamedata folder. Gamedata Properties: 14,614 files in 990 folders, 6.44 GB. Restore default crosshair: edit Gamedata > Config > System.ltx cross_length = 0.015

Torrent option for the the eight Achillesdave Gamedata archives. Thanks to ChimmyChanga. http://ks201493.kimsufi.com:8080/sta...egamod.torrent Mouse over this link, Right Click, Choose: Save Link As...

Gamedata folder, from "Napalms" at amk-team.ru/forum. Narodnaya Solyanka Mod of Apr-19-2010 + Aug-14-2010 + all patches and fixes to Sept-3-2010 (for SOC V1.0004). Download two files, which unpack with 7-Zip to 6.9 GB, 991 folders, 14602 files. Add the Translation and [Optional] Adaptation to SOC V1.0005/6.
http://fileshare.in.ua/4069037[DEAD] 1.9 GB, 2,044,723,200 bytes, MD5 = 1bf953d5af19a72a59df0421d6ebc762
http://fileshare.in.ua/4069030[DEAD] 402 MB, 421,786,323 bytes, MD5 = 33dcdf46f6b502279fc1433e54db41f0
Click on "Скачать файл" ("Download File" in Russian), the blue-green rectangle. Then look under the tab marked Бесплатное скачивание ("Free Download") and click the gray rectangle marked "Скачать файл...". Enter Captcha & click on "Скачать файл". Select the button on the left for high speed download, wait 60 seconds, and try not to look at pictures (celebrities, the nearly nude, or simply bizarre). Click on "Скачать файл" (top of the page).

TRANSLATION to English Compilation, by Achillesdave. Updated 1-4-2011 (April 1st, fixed for v1.0004 users), Updated 25-3-2011 (Trader fix), released 18-3-2011. New translations for many parts of the game, plus previous contributions by Nutbag, Lord_Santa, Jamie1992/Steelhawk & Rangda. Includes Sapsan Script patches of 18-11-2010. XrGame.dll "babah" file is optional, supports a few guns with computer sights. File: NS all in one translation.7z 6.7 MB. MD5=9c998c9b69119cf01915652bbe94567b
- Add Achillesdave's collected translation pack. Copy the translation Gamedata folder into your Stalker SOC directory. Mirror at http://www.mediafire.com/?uz68huwf0h9guxl6.7 MB
Fix a typo. Edit sak.script file. Change "dogfriend" to "dogfrend" (line 376, do your editing with Wordwrap off).

ADAPTATION for STALKER SOC V1.0005 V1.0006 Patch Levels. Play this mod on a V1.0005 install, or V1.0006. Steam or GFWL version? Use the V1.0005 adaptation. Install last on top of all the other mod files. Note: "...includes the reduction of fonts from Grisli. If fonts are too small - delete the file gamedata \ config \ fonts.ltx". XrGame.dll file is optional, supports a few guns with computer sights. NS_adaptaciya_k_1.0005-1.0006.7z 4.14 MB MD5=c9fa1a6e5fd1bbca3ead1120733f3620.
http://narod.ru/disk/23740322000/NS_...1.0006.7z.html Do captcha & press green button. Uncheck the box for a toolbar. Click on the link just above the check box.
http://rghost.ru/2349577 (Uploaded by Sapsan on 15-8-2010, 4.15 MB)
http://ifolder.ru/18901966 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2UKciww9bY

Discussion & Download Threads GSC-Game.com (English, 4500 posts). Good place to get some help from those who have been playing for a while. http://www.gsc-game.com/main.php?t=c...8594&sec_id=16 http://www.gsc-game.com/main.php?t=c...8718&sec_id=17

Cave Level Saved Game from Achillesdave, SOC 1.0005 version. Drink the potion to exit the Cave. http://www.mediafire.com/?4dve2qk3dngtad7 http://mir.cr/KHPZKZZW

INSTALLATION, The Hard Way: Start with Stalker SOC V1.0004. Use 7-zip to extract the mod files. Must start a new game to play.
- Add the 19.04 base mod of April 19th (19-04-2010).
- Add the 14.08 expansion pack of August 14th.
- Patch with: Cumulative Patch 20.08, AND Patch 03.09 of September 3rd.
- Fix 3 filenames: 'aaz\m4a1 sopmod\tacstoρk' by renaming "tacstock" to "tacstoρk".
- Most people add -noprefetch, sometimes add -nointro and -noshadows, to their target application shortcut.
- Keep texture settings above the midpoint or see HUD and inventory icon corruption.
- Edit user.ltx and add the line: "bind turn_engine kx" (where x = the keystroke you choose for starting engines).
- Editing the cam_inert line in user.ltx will change the head bob effect.
Skip ahead to the Translation to English section, or to test the mod in Russian:
Edit localization.ltx in gamedata\config, changing "rus" to "eng".
Copy the gamedata\config\text\rus directory. Rename the copy from "rus" to "eng". A new game should start ok, in Russian. Delete the "eng" folder before adding Achillesdave's or Nutbag's translation pack.

=== Source Files for Manual Installation, "The Hard Way". ===

Full mod version 19.04, April 19th 2010 (19-4-2010), in 8 parts.
Place all 8 parts in a folder, and use 7-zip to extract the mod files.

sol_19.04.001, MD5: 4b7241d075ade0e492a8938b682ff9ec
http://narod.ru/disk/19901394000/%D1...19.04.001.html http://webfile.ru/4652783
sol_19.04.002, MD5: 0b940f09cc400be9765526c4e87e4272
http://narod.ru/disk/19903921000/%D1...19.04.002.html http://webfile.ru/4652784
sol_19.04.003, MD5: c98904f10aa41e2cf96e793a5ba7a9e4
http://narod.ru/disk/19906116000/%D1...19.04.003.html http://webfile.ru/4652844
sol_19.04.004, MD5: 847449a33048f4d7deb87811678dedb6
http://narod.ru/disk/19907011000/%D1...19.04.004.html http://webfile.ru/4652846
sol_19.04.005, MD5: cc451fb0eba3d219e2b26ab2870a071f
http://narod.ru/disk/19907850000/%D1...19.04.005.html http://webfile.ru/4652847
sol_19.04.006, MD5: fb17d5145f719f389a35e792fe4f0b24
http://narod.ru/disk/19909327000/%D1...19.04.006.html http://webfile.ru/4652892
sol_19.04.007, MD5: 76f599ba1d85821dc9b5932168e4c8d5
http://narod.ru/disk/19941332000/%D1...19.04.007.html http://webfile.ru/4652894
sol_19.04.008, MD5: 941aabe33bc17f27a8ce78d060d2f699
http://narod.ru/disk/19943146000/%D1...19.04.008.html http://webfile.ru/4652885

Expansion pack of 14.08, August 14th 2010 (14-8-2010), three 250 Mb parts.
Place all 3 parts in a folder, and use 7-zip to extract the mod files.

Filename: dopolnenie_ot_14.08.10.001, MD5: 80509cb158114205329726ae960b8d2d

Filename: dopolnenie_ot_14.08.10.002, MD5: 375a64b698e6c6281f9a73759ca062c5

Filename: dopolnenie_ot_14.08.10.003, MD5: ab3869e221cfb6659ad6a87516a983c8
From the Readme File: "Owners of large, oval, triangular and other monitors, the resolution other than 1280x1024 will have to install to save your file STALKER \ gamedata \ config \ ui \ ui_custom_msgs and handles to make his tail now the following line after # include "ui \ ui_custom_msgs_doc_viewer.xml":
# Include "ui \ ui_custom_msgs_stco.xml" (Edit: Users of widescreen adaptations may need some file editing to read the in-game documents that are placed in the pistol slot).
"Inhabited only city of Merv. There will be a bonus shift in Zaton - for review... Need a new game."
================================================== ====

Cumulative Micropatch 20.08, corrected. Released 20-8-2010.
Скачать файл патч 40.89 Mb, md5: 4214a16e9d6110480e233b047d07b561
"Revisions to raven, black people in the rain, white-haired at the ATP Gulag Bandos on the cordon, anomalies, prisoner miner in the maze, on hide from emissions in Agra.
Fixed bugs in config and scripts. Added 2 new din.anomalii and upgrade aks74m from Ray. Added to the board and the new bump on many textures of Chorika. Added texture slate of Argus in the adaptation Chorika.
Install on a clean mod version 14.08...".
================================================== ====

Patch 03.09 from Arkhara, released Sept 3rd 2010 (3-9-2010).
"Description: Fixed Strelok on the Agra again. Removed crash for fixing the bone when entering into MG. Fix came from "V92". Note: The patch includes the patch from 23.08, 25.08 and 31.08. Install on any of the above, or on the patch of 20.08. Obviously, the final patch.". http://ifolder.ru/19148450
================================================== =====

Cumulative Patch 03.09, released Sept 3rd 2010 (3-9-2010), by a 3rd party.
"Description: includes all the patches that were released after 14/08/2010.".
Note: install on a clean Solyanka mod V14.08, or over previous patches.
================================================== =====

18.11 Test Patch by Sapsan with xrGame.dll, Dated Nov 18th 2010 (18-11-2010).
(Now included in the Achillesdave Translation Compilation of 18-3-2011.)
(Combined Weapon Pack (PLO) by Buusty, is said to have problems if you use these scripts).
- Optimized "job" of explosives;
- Edit for crashes with invalid vertex errors;
- Fixed a recipe for cooking artifacts; (fixed a typo).
- "Landing" hanging in the air, ground equipment.
Installation: 1. Gamedata folder to throw in the game folder; 2. From the folder that corresponds to versions of the game, take xrGame.dll of subfolders babah and throw in the bin folder. To rollback, there are optional xrGame.dlls from the original and previous solyanochny. You can bet everyone who knows how otkopirovat replaces files towards a "just in case." (save your original files?). Pre-scripts have been tested by a master of it, Shadowman.
New in 30.09 test patch:
- Fixed protection quest, unique items and weapons.
- Added to protect a bunch of new items.
- Maybe faster synchronization at startup.
- Changes the quest to Le Havre - unique weapons, items, and book they hide in a box behind his back, and the rest is "missing" as before.
New in 26.09 test patch:
- Fixed jamb to protect the quest items.
- Slightly optimized the use of night-sight on a crossbow.
New in 19.09 test patch:
- Edit crashes gamedata \ scripts \ rx_wmgr.script: 709: attempt to index a nil value.
- Revision to ban NPC pick quest and prohibited items.
- Small fixes to the castle (Protection of crash for explosives).
- Calmed detector artifacts (reduced loading for games).
- In the script voice set removed debug output in the console.
- Slightly optimized caching config.
- Fixed jamb with neotobrazheniem bioradar.
"New game is not necessary". Apply over mod V14.08 patched up to 03.09 (Sept 3rd).

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CNews.ru site is excellent. Click on and open the section "Departures and how to deal with them"
Narodnaya Solyanka Technical Problems at CNews.ru: http://live.cnews.ru/forum/index.php...pic=55179&st=0
Technical Support Service at AMK NS Forums: http://www.amk-team.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=10019
Stalker Crashes Quirks & Bugs from the ZRP site: http://www.metacognix.com/stlkrsoc/index.html

Posting with your error message:
Tell us what your PC has (OS, 32 bit, 64 bit, memory, cpu, video).
What are you playing (SOC version & patch, base mod, and any add-ons).
Include the last part of the error log, starting a few lines above "Fatal Error". After a crash, open Notepad or any text editor and press Control + V keys (paste), or select the option "Insert" or "Paste". Saves are in the Savedgames folder, located on the same path as the logs.
Log file is located in:
XP: C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Documents \ STALKER-SHOC \ logs \ xray_ <your username>.
Vista: C: \ Users \ Public \ Documents \ STALKER-SHOC \ logs \ xray_ <your username>.
Win 7: C: \ Users \ Public \ Documents \ STALKER-SHOC \ logs \ xray_ <your username>.
Russian ХР: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Документы\STALKER-SHOC\logs\xray_<ваше имя пользователя>.log

Search the GSC-game.com forums with Google: <search terms> site:http://www.gsc-game.com/main.php?t=c...s_game_type=xr

Trouble getting started, using the "Easy Way" installation:

Make sure you have a working Stalker installation before you start adding a mod.
- A corrupt User.ltx file can prevent the game from loading. Rename or delete the current User.ltx file. The game will create a new user.ltx file.

Can have a "broken" mod installation from many causes.
- Installing into an existing Gamedata folder belonging to another mod (so start CLEAN).
- A Gamedata folder can be found within the Gamedata folder (be very careful extracting and copying the files).
- Achillesdave's Gamedata is not a single archive in several pieces (as you might expect). It was uploaded as eight discreet pieces. These eight gamedata folders must be extracted, then merged into a single Gamedata folder, with the subfolders intact. Could easily miss a part, or end up with a gamedata folder within the gamedata folder. Either one would mess you up.
- Adaptation to SOC v1.0005 (Steam patch level) gamedata folder was not installed correctly. A missing adaptation will crash the game with this error: "XR_3DA caused BREAKPOINT in module" & in the log "msg_box_kicked_by_server".

Game loads to title screen, but crashes when loading a game.
- Trying to use old saved games (must start a new game).

Game starts but looks like ordinary "vanilla" Stalker.
- Missing or misplaced mod Gamedata folder.
- Fsgame.ltx must be edited to enable loading mods from a gamedata folder.

In-Game Issues, and some Gameplay Tips:

The translated Guides answer most gameplay questions, but also expose spoilers which were kept hidden on the original online Russian guides.

Crashes in Cordon, early in the game, when talking to Wolf or Sidorovich. Broken installation. Reinstall the mod in the correct order. The adaptation to SOC 1.0005, if needed, is installed last.

Exit and restart the game every hour or two. Make frequent named saves. The mod is filled to bursting, and crashes now and then. Most crashes are one-off. Simply load a saved game and keep going. Autosaves will usually load ok. Saved games may not work in a few places (center of Labyrinth & crowded multi-story underground levels).

Sometimes an object (gun, npc, or mutant) is in a bad location, and causes a crash. First try loading the Autosave from when you entered the level. Next try loading an older saved game, made at the previous location. You may have to wait for an emission to come and go, then reenter the problem area. Very rarely, a more stubborn crash may require editing to remove a buggy object from the game, or changes to alife detection distance.

Play a clean game by picking up junk. Sell it to a trader, or toss it into a fresh corpse. Don't load NPCs with junk. And the Russians say, don't be a hamster. Big stashes put a big load on the game engine.

Cut the load on the game engine. Make more ram available to the game. Be sure to run the game with -noprefetch. Have a large swap file. Consider using the Deadmoroz optimized texture pack. Go to Static Lighting (DX8) or reduced visibility Dynamic Lighting (the usual fix for Swamp Level rendering crashes). Don't take on too many jobs at once, especially when you are cooking many artifacts at the same time.

Never transition from level to level, or save your game, during emissions, or between 10 and ~10:30 every night (Horror Time). You might catch the "can't sleep" bug, or something worse. Horror Time events in underground levels may also cause problems.

Very long loading times are normal. Devs postponed a planned release to do a major reworking, chasing down bugs and optimizing the mod. A good thing IMO.

HUD and Inventory Icons are corrupt. Game starts ok.
- Mod lacks low-res versions of these textures. Go into Video Options and make sure the Textures slider is set above the midpoint. A patch is available for truly weak video cards.
================================================== =====

Crash fixing patches, for TEMPORARY use, when needed. Play from the last good save, created before installing these scripts. Recommend saving copies of your original files. Restore the original files after passing the problem area.

*** NEW *** Smart_terrain xr_gulag se_stalker se_monster Script Patches, by Shadowman. Filename: test_fix_20110720_for_NS1408.rar, 30 KB. Posted to http://webfile.ru/5513551 on 2011-08-28.

Smart_terrain xr_gulag se_stalker se_monster Script Patch, by Dennis_Chikin. Released Dec 23rd 2010 (23-12-2010), Updated Dec 25th & Jan 10th. "The next minor version of the smart terrain. Knurl those with departures on smart_terrain.script, be prepared for what vylezut errors...". Jan 10th Readme: "Added checks, plugged a couple of suspicious places, correct errors, the remainder of the "test" version of scripts, added an edit by WhatAbout...".
Jan 10 2011 version http://webfile.ru/5404225 http://www.sendspace.com/file/q1hmpw [Dead Link].
Mirror: https://sites.google.com/site/frieds...h_smterrain.7z
Dec 25th 2010 old version smart_terrain.script http://gettyfile.ru/675506

Temporary Fix for Bugs Smart_terrain.script Xr_gulag.script, "Not all, of course. Disadvantage: very long transition between locations, and even longer - out of the game, redness in the console.". Released Dec 10th 2010 (10-12-2010), File: smart_terrain.script xr_gulag.script, 18KB. http://www.sendspace.com/file/ppz40y [404 error Aug-2011]

Smart_terrain.script - Previous Patch, Fixes psy_dog_phantom Errors. By Shadowman. Released Nov 30th 2010 (30-11-2010). Links : http://depositfiles.com/en/files/vilvc9fgq
================================================== =====
================================================== =====

Optional Widescreen Adaptations by Ikar, from the AMK NS mod pages. Usually installed last (over all the other patches). http://webfile.ru/4728129 19.5 Mb
================================================== =====

Optional Texture Pack, released by Deadmoroz, Oct 6th 2010 (6-10-2010). FPS said to increase by 20%. Especially useful for weak computers. "Contains edits Shadowman on 02/10/2010, my edits on 03/10/2010 and 05/10/2010.". "...make a backup copy of your Textures folder before installing.". tex_prav_06102010.7z 302 Mb 1960 files.
http://gettyfile.com/662747 (better link, thanks to Sverbot)
http://ifolder.ru/19657480 Download tutorial (thanks to Motanut) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2UKciww9bY
http://torrage.com/torrent/B94C00412...857354.torrent (Needs Seeders).
Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:b94c00412bc0e144...rav%2006102010
================================================== =====

HUD & Icons Fixes for Weak Graphic Cards. First put Texture Slider at midpoint or higher. Still bad? Try these patches. Tested with "... Solianke 4.19 + 8.14 + cumulative patch 9.3 + sapsan edits 26.09, laptop with 64mb video card, it works.".
HUD Fix: http://depositfiles.com/files/1po7vtujw http://[color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]/download/79362.7...vidyuh.7z.html
Icon Fix: http://depositfiles.com/files/0creio81i or http://depositfiles.com/files/waqkjvjft http://[color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]/download/27130.2....2010.rar.html
================================================== =====

Combined Weapon Pack (PLO) by Buusty, released August 21 2011. This latest version gives you about 70 new guns to play with. And now the pack includes some quests, stashes, and monsters in the new Solyanka territories of East Pripyat, Lab X-8, Zaton, and Jupiter. A new game is required.
Filename "ООП (финалка).7z", 308 MB, md5 = a80cb18af68f7cc98d65586fdf7e5392.
Links: http://ifolder.ru/25297769 or http://narod.ru/disk/22383162001/%D0...D0%B0).7z.html
Torrent: http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3700007
Forums: http://www.amk-team.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=11463
Expect some Cyrillic text crashes in non-Russian Windows OS. Most are easily fixed by copying the name from the error and renaming the Cyrillic text mod file or folder.
http://live.cnews.ru/games/index.php?showtopic=71622 Great thread with screenshots and Youtube videos for some of the 70 new guns, plus download links and patches.
Some installation tips: http://www.gsc-game.com/main.php?t=c...transl=#346493

[Older] Weapons Pack for Narodnaya Solyanka 2010 by Buusty. June 2011. About 60 new guns, plus other features. Two versions, the one-part version requires a new game. The four part version, installed piece by piece (1+2+3+4) allows playing with your existing NS 14.08 saved games.
================================================== =====

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. WEATHER OVERHAULED S.W.O. v3.1.1 by Trojanuch, released 28-09-10. Adapted 21-03-11 by Darius K Zoot for NS or NS-DMX. Seven unique 24 hour weather cycles with high quality graphics. Random but realistic weather, with smooth transitions. Consult the readme.txt file for instructions. Only tested on a new game (so far).
http://www.mediafire.com/?wj0rm85ot7icb7w http://mir.cr/1V7HI9XM

================================================== =====

Open Levels Patches, by Lord_Santa, Released Aug-4-2011 & Feb-18-2011, original author unknown. Just for fun, most transitions between levels are open from the start. Wandering through the zone this way may break the scripted plot. ATP > DeadCity crashes with "wrong fixed bone". Save and restore your original amk_mod.script file to play a normal game. Must start a new game. Filename open_levels_Soljanka.rar http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NNLL5NDN. DMX DKZ 1.3.2 version http://www.megaupload.com/?d=S1VKS2C0.
* New * DMX 1.3.4 version http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7TQ1O0Q9.
================================================== =====

Golden Autumn Mod V4.0 by Chimaera. An optional texture pack which brings a new look to the zone, changing the trees, shrubs, and grasses at all locations. Filename: Мод Золотая Осень 4.0 (Народная Солянка).7z, 33 MB, revised 24-8-2010. http://narod.ru/disk/24046909000/%D0...D0%B0).7z.html http://chimaera.ifolder.ru/19010869
================================================== =====

Widescreen Timer Fix, By Nutbag. Released Oct 19th 2010 (19-10-2010). "It is only for 14.08 and newer. It moves the timer which fixes a problem for widescreen users where the timer would appear in the middle of the screen".
================================================== =====

Optional 1154 HUD by Darius6, edited by Nutbag to correct Timer placement. Released Oct 19th 2010 (19-10-2010). "...according to the readme it works with all resolutions...".
================================================== =====

Optional V1.0004 xrGame.dll, NOT FOR STEAM V1.0005 USERS. Posted by A185 (Walkthrough author) at http://dump.ru/file/4755427 . Suggest renaming and keeping the original DLL file in your Bin directory. Computerized sniper rifles will not shoot without this patched XRGame.dll (FN2000 Executioner, etc.). Also fixes another issue, some weapons appearing to be "too close to the nose". This DLL file tested ok when it was examined by 43 antivirus programs at Virustotal.com. MD5: 7273990ecae26a3fe1754fb6521b06a1.
(Obsolete? Sapsan patch of 18-11-2010 includes xrGame.dll's for V1.0004/5/6).
http://openfile.ru/611887/ or http://webfile.ru/4516193
================================================== =====

Translation to English By Nutbag. Already included in the Achillesdave Compilation of 1-4-2011 (April-1-2011). Updated Dec 2nd 2010 to fix a late game crash. Now tested through the main plot, and some of the side quests. Includes Achillesdave's V2 translation touch-ups of Oct 12th. http://sites.google.com/site/nutbags...utbag_trans.7z
================================================== =====

V4 TRANSLATION Add-On, by Achillesdave. Already included in the Achillesdave Compilation of 1-4-2011 (April-1-2011). Released Jan 15th 2011. Improved text for: "... the last three chapters of the storyline.", plus Transmutator controls, Artefact containers, and some SMS text. Install on top of the latest Nutbag translations. Optional script files are only for use over the Sapsan 18.11 script patches. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AGDLSC2A < Jan 18th revised version.

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DMX Mod by Shadows, Optional Expansion for Narodnaya Solyanka
New weapons, sounds, textures, shaders, and gameplay options. You can even buy a car.
"The mod is designed for powerful machines!" (Recommend 4G ram, x64 OS).

STALKERSOUP Project an English language version of the popular Russian mods Narodnaya Solyanka + DMX 1.3.4, from a group led by Tecnobacon. Released July 30th (30-7-2011) as an open BETA test. The mod team is adding new features and rewriting the game code. The standard version retains the dark decayed look of the DMX DKZ 1.3.2 Mod. New texture packs, and revised scripts, offer improved performance. An optional mod add-on, The Collector, is integrated with the package.

We are lucky to have Tecnobacon on this forum. Find the latest information, or post your questions and comments in his
Stalkersoup Steam Forum Thread: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=2031941
Stalkersoup Discussion Thread at GSC: http://www.gsc-game.com/main.php?t=c...0951&sec_id=16
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/stalkersoup.
On Facebook as STALKERSOUP.

Tecnobacon.com is the go-to site for the latest Patches, Links, and information.
Get the Main Files from Tecnobacon.com, or from the Torrent. Then patch as directed by Tecnobacon.com:
V1_0_9 Releases, Feb-11-2012. A Cumulative Patch & a Full Version Torrent:
V1_0_9 Full Version Direct Downloads: http://www.tecnobacon.com/content/split_downloads.html
V1_0_9 Full Version Torrent created 2-11-2012: file “TB3D_STALKERSOUP_1_0_9.7z” 4.96 GB.
The MD5 file verification checksum is: e45f36d6a06c2546ea685c9a433d6607
Magnet link:magnet:?xt=urn:btih:b312a512c4e90f44...er.ccc.de%3A80 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?12xac4f7na7a51e

Patch! Get the latest patches from Tecnobacon.com

Old Version, V1_0_1 Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ea72ebbfdee7b0ca...er.ccc.de%3A80
Three Texture Packs optimized for Stalkersoup: Released November 18th 2011. Choice of Autumn 1_0_1 Summer 1_0_1 and Decayed 1_0_1.

This is a playable BETA release, poised to become the best English version of Peoples Soup, and to continue growing from there. But do not expect to play through the complicated 200 hour+ plot, after all, this is still a Beta version of the mod. Many issues have already been fixed, jump in and have fun. You can help by testing and reporting. Send those reports to the tecnobacon.com email address.

Installation: Copy mod Gamedata folder to a clean install of Stalker SOC patched to V1.0005 (the Steam patch level). This mod needs 13 Gigs of HD space. You can edit the TB3D_Modders.script file in Gamedata>Scripts for the type of game you like. Add -noprefetch to the game shortcut so the mod has more working memory (other options: -nointro, -noshadows). Game graphics look better if the User.ltx file gets some small edits. Recommend at least a dual core system with an x64 OS, 4 Gigs & a strong video card. Tecnobacon suggests lower spec machines can try playing with reduced Vision Distance, or switch to Static Lighting (with brightness and contrast turned down one notch).

TRANSLATION to English for DMX Mod V1.3.4, by Boutch71, first release v1.0 29-07-2011, Current version v1.07b from 28.01.2012 (Jan-28-2012). Detailed description & instructions: http://stalker-forever.bestgamesforu...ant-disponible . Filename: NS_DMX_1.3.4_English_Translation_boutch71_Complete _v1.07b.rar, 54 MB. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?dt8tzibt3lr5ttz.
Patch "bind_stalker.script" FIX http://mediafire.com/?9ahdhcy7a0gfjki 33KB.
For Stalker SOC @ V1.0005 + Achillesdave's Gamedata + DMX 1.3.0 + DMX 1.3.4 [Not for Tecnobacon Stalkersoup DMX].

DMX 1.3.4 Cave saved game for SOC V1.0005, from olivius74. (Not for the Stalkersoup version of DMX 1.3.4). http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FSKY7Q2M

DMX DKZ V1.3.2 Mod. DMX is Patched, Translated, & Tweaked by DariusKZoot.
SCREENSHOTS: http://dariuskzoot.imgur.com/
See his posts in Mod Downloads & the Mod Discussion forums on GSC for some important updates. DKZ package is 4.65 Gigs (compressed) & uses STALKER SOC V1.0005 (STEAM PATCH LEVEL). Requires a strong computer. Bar level is using 3.3 Gigs of ram with Full Dynamic Lighting on an x64 system.
Recommend the torrent for the main part of this mod (and please keep seeding):
Then get updates and options from the direct download sites: http://narodnaya.j5films.ca/ & http://fishfinfossil.com/narodnaya/ [Links down Feb 2012]
"The Directories on the Server are numbered in regards to the Installation sequence ... so. just follow that order ..
The ADDONS are not dependent upon one another, so they do not require any special installation order ...
Just make sure to install the 21-03-11 Culmulative Patch BEFORE adding the Weapons Expansion Pack vol.01 if you intend to use it ...DKZ".
DMX DKZ English Forums at GSC:

Crashes from ammo_20x85 or stalker_no_yurik.ogf. GSC forum member Pepcok studied these DMX DKZ 1.3.2 issues. Patch 21-03-2011 added the ammo and changed Yurik, leading to crashes. The Weapons Pack file Arsenal.ltx fixes the ammo bug. The Unterminateable Mod fixes the Yurick bug. Pepcok recommends installing the Patch of 21-03-11, Weapons Pack, and Unterminateable mod (preferably with a new game to enjoy all of the add-on features).
Facepunch forum user "Teh Zip File" posted fixes are a convenient source for some individual files. http://filesmelt.com/dl/FixingSoup0.1_.7z http://filesmelt.com/dl/FixingSoup0.1_.zip March 28 2011 post: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/106...bloops/page104

The Collector CS134 Mod, by _dAVROs_. Re-released 16-6-2011 (June 16th). Expansion pack for NS+DMX+DKZ V1.3.2. Not tested with vanilla NS or DMX. A version of this mod add-on is included with the Stalkersoup DMX 1.3.4 project.
"The Collector was an experienced Stalker that roamed the Zone finding rare Artefacts and Fauna. He had a special ability to find them but this exposed him to the dangers of the Zone. In his travels, he left Stashes with some of his Artifact finds and notes which had clues of other stashes in the Zone. They are well hidden, look carefully and think about the cryptic clues. Follow his clues in this Zone "treasure hunt" to find his main stash".
* 8 new Artifacts, * 8 new mushrooms. "Completely Redone English dialogue. Balanced artifact immunities and cost to fit NS + DKZ. Credits to 'Valerich' & 'Charsi' who originally created this mod. The Collector starts after dialogue with Sid".
Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=F6UE1NVD[Dead link Feb-2012]
Information: http://www.gsc-game.com/main.php?t=c...0800&sec_id=17
Discussion: [url]http://www.gsc-game.com/main.php?t=community&s=forums&s_game_type=xr&thm_p age=1&thm_id=20800&sec_id=17

DMX Widescreen HUD, posted by Oblakoder Nov 30th 2010 (30-11-2010): http://www.filefront.com/17587220/SerafimHUD for DMX 1.3 1680x1050.7z

============== Russian DMX Links ================

DMX V1.3 mod, 1.4 G. http://narod.ru/disk/25176938000/dmx_mod_v1.3.rar.html

DMX Patch to 1.3.4, Released June 26th 2011 (26-6-2011), 592 MB, md5=e14dc95189196a2cb0e28e3aa9250337. Installation: Narodnaya Solyanka 3.09.10 > DMX MOD 1.3 > 1.3.4 patch.
DMX 1.3.4 Repacked without the mSize rendering crash fix, Released June 29th 2011 (29-6-2011), md5=3616d9b7154786901311fa4dec86790c http://narod.ru/disk/17509324001/dmx...1.3.4.rar.html
DMX 1.3.4 mini-patch from Shadows, June 29 2011: "...fix a crash when receiving transitions....". http://webfile.ru/5412523

Torrent links:
DMX 1.3.4 repack by CDMan: http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3630796 (registration required).
DMX MOD + Patch 1.3.4 Updated Torrent, from volkkk: http://www.ua-torrent.com/showthread.php?t=37335
md5: e18c11ac485c82dcf79dbe4ae3ecbbbe --- dmx_mod_v1.3
md5: e14dc95189196a2cb0e28e3aa9250337 --- dmx_mod_patch_1.3.4

DMX Patch to 1.3.3, Released March 23rd 2011 (23-3-2011), 359 MB. [Dead link, 404 errors Aug-2011]

DMX Patch to V1.3.2, Released Dec 27th 2010 (27-12-2010), 178 MB. Install over DMX MOD 1.3 (Do not install on top of the V1.3.1 patch). "The new game is not needed (except for items where it is desirable)". http://ifolder.ru/21047818
DMX Tiny Patch for V1.3.2, Released Dec 31st 2010 (31-12-2010). "Fix appearance of cars and Suslov, set everything. Need a save game before taking the job on the stick sharper." [404 error Aug-2011]
DMX SOC V1.0005/6 Extra Adaptation for DMX 1.3.2. Revised Jan 3rd 2011 (3-1-2011) by Shadows. Installation: V1.3, then V1.3.2, then V1.3.2 patch, then adaptation to SOC patches 1.0005/6. [404 error Aug-2011]

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Narodnaya Solyanka (by Arhara, the mod "director"), the DMX add-on (by Shadows), and the Tecnobacon or Darius K Zoot English NS-DMX packages are amazing mods. Narodnaya Solyanka means Peoples Soup. It is a huge compilation assembled from many mods. The vanilla SOC story is still there, along with several hundred hours of new quest content. DMX has the same plot, with even more stuff added. Darius K Zoot put his own touches on DMX 1.3.2. Tecnobacon's Stalkersoup team has done a major rewrite, with the aim of creating the ultimate Stalker NS DMX 1.3.4 experience for English players. The standard mod plays well on a 2 Gig system. DMX might play ok on 2 Gigs with Static Lighting and a reduced view distance. The DMX-DKZ version uses 3.3 Gigs of ram in my game on Full Dynamic lighting and the Maximum quality preset.

Played through the entire plot, finally finishing the game back in the fall of 2010. Been playing these mods for about two years. Maintain a summary post, with links and instructions, on the GSC-Game.com site (the source material for this thread).

I've brought a few mod posts here to the Steam forums. These are Russian mods which have an English translation, and will play on SOC 1.0005, the Steam patch level. Hope you will enjoy playing these mods as much as I do. Go through the vanilla game first, maybe with ZRP, or another "bug fix" mod. Get a taste of some of these familiar mods (Priboi Story, Complete, Oblivion Lost & Lurk). Then play some Old Good Stalker Evolution Mod, OGSE 6.9.2 (Best Stalker mod I've found so far, now better, with the new Feb-14-2012 English hand-translated version) http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=1824965, Secret Trails 2 Mod (An entirely new plot. Tougher than NS) http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=1824790, and the big Narodnaya Solyanka / DMX mods.

Priboi Story Overhaul is a good mod to try after finishing the original game. LoboTheMan on the GSC forums has been refreshing the Priboi Story mod. The original mod, developed in English by Team Dez0wave, gives you a new story to enjoy in the familiar SOC locations. Link, original mod: http://www.moddb.com/mods/priboi-story. This version adds new guns, textures, sounds, and more. Read about it here: http://www.gsc-game.com/main.php?t=c...0987&sec_id=17 and in the back of the big Priboi mod thread: http://www.gsc-game.com/main.php?t=c...1630&sec_id=16

(Long list of features, text translated from Russian).
• Included in this mod:
- AMK 1.4.1 (patch 1 and 2)
- NLC 5.08 (Author: Syak)
- A new story 3 (Author: Dan)
- Addon "Hand teleport and search for caches v0.7" - a new chain of quests to find taynkov (Author: Kostya V)
• Added 18 new locations: ATP Undiscovered Earth, Labyrinth, The Cave, forgotten woods, marshes, Limansk, hospital, Red Forest, a military lab, Generators, Old Village, Dead City, Zaton Surrounding Jupiter, X8 Laboratory, East Pripyat Undergrounds Pripyat
• Added a great storyline, covering all locations. Added a huge number of unique characters and items. Just sounded all plot SMS
• New group: Clear Sky, Hunters, the last day, the Avengers. Also added new dealers, repairers and girls
• New costumes:
- Exoskeleton: Duty, Freedom, Monolith, Clear Sky, mercenaries, bandits
- Scientific costumes: Duty, Freedom, Monolith, Clear Sky, Mercenaries
- Camouflage exoskeleton, Skat-15, Suit Tirex, Gravikostyum, Overalls Clear Sky and many others
• New monsters: Librarian, Chimera, Ghost chimera Elektrohimera, Fracture, Rat, Burer, Cat, Black Dog, Tushkan, Zombies, Zombies, "Ghost, Zombie Skeleton, Zombie" Woman ", mutating Comptroller eared creature Cockroach (Authors: Wawka, kalinin11)
• Added a mobile marketer. Can be found in the agricultural industry and ATP
• Added weather mod Dynamic Reworked Weather v1.3.2 + Ambient Audio Overhaul v1.8 (Author: ivar)
• STALKER `s sound remake mod v3.0 (Author: MulleR & Mongol)
• Arena Extension Mod - New fighting in the arena (Authors: kstn, IG-2007; Adaptation: Wawka, Kto)
• GPS-tags with a swag v2.1.3 - option to view the content of your caches by setting the beacon (Author: idler)
• Added Lock stealing your caches (Author: Ferrari314)
• Added missing recipes artifacts AMK
• New weapons:
- AK-47 PP-19 "Bison", HK MP-7, Kriss super V, PKM, Saiga-12C, FN P90, Mosin rifle, crossbow, PCA-41, AWP Iglomet, Author Vintorez, FAMAS Prototype3, Colt M16A2 , SIG SG552 Commando, HK XM8 Para, HK 417 Sniper, Knights SR25 Mk.11 Mod.0, APS, Revolver, FN 2000 "The Executioner", Samopal, Gauss Specter, Abnormal M16 Anomalous Buffalo, New TOZ hunter, Minigun M- 134SM, Tavor TAR-21, IMI UZI, Maschinengewehr 42, B-94, TT-33, Gauss pistol, Desert Eagle with optics, Protecta, Scorpion, M-79, MP5K-PDW, Walther WA2000, M4A1 SOPMOD, M4 super 90, AKS-74 "Cobra"
(Authors: Zenobian Mod, Arsenal Mod, Simbion Mod, TIREX, giAdolf, Aahz, jgar, Alwen, eNdimiOn, ZEN, Kolyny, Death, Sm0kE, Sin!, Zeka1996Korneev)
• New mufflers and optics (Arsenal Mod)
• New gauges and smoke grenades
• New voice of all weapons (Author: MulleR)
• Fixed arms TTX (Author: N6260)
• Added "Color tracers" of weapons
• Bioradar beings. On sale at the Sakharov (Authors: xStream, BAC9-FLCL, tolusha, Z-Vertoz, Nekt, Rusya)
• 12 slots for artifacts on the belt - tailored to the needs Bioradara
• Duplication of quests in the death of Kvestodatel - the quest can be taken to another character (Author: WaWka)
• Added Linspiro Addon v1.1 - selling rare caches of stalker-friends (Author: Linspiro)
• Added new dreams - Nocturne Mod 1.0 (Authors: Khorn, malandrinus and nemnogonado)
• Stalkers now smoke cigarettes while sitting by the campfire (Author: p-09)
• More HS treatment friendly NPCs (Author: Shaman-13)
• Added RagDoll Mod v1.3 - returned to the erstwhile speaker models (Author: LexMalin)
• Combined emissions of AMK and ABC
• After the release of dead bodies NPC is transformed into a zombie (Author: TAG_SPB)
• Dynamic HUD costumes (ABC Mod)
• Added OGG-Player. Just stick with the music added to it (Authors: Ferrari314, Vergas)
• New Hud (Authors: Redux Mod, Vergas, zayaz)
• Checking the quest armor and trunks of depositing them on the quest - damaged vesh you already do not pass, NPS will send you its repair
• Repair of the weapon and bronekostyumov (OGSE Mod) + implemented "Sophisticated repair weapons" (Authors: Black 777 Team)
• Upgrade armor for night vision and durability - Upgrade produce vendors, each of them upgrade their armor types
• Weapon upgrades - Upgrade engaged in the Long Bar (Author: Ray)
• Added LootmoneyMOD v1.0 - getting money from the corpses of NPCs (Author: Babuin 119)
• Capsules for the activation of anomalies. In the PDA added detailed information about them (Sources taken from Simbion Mod)
• zombie Spot ejection or supervisor (Author: Spot-shooter)
• Added the addon "Clever Hand teleport" (Author: Spot-shooter)
• Added a new weather phenomenon - Hour of Terror. At the time he develops a zombie (Author: Spot-shooter)
• New Menu, Screen zagruzkisohraneniya (Author: Serafim12)
• Added the ability for big money to change the ratio of groups to HS - at Sidorovicha (used to draw from a FAA)
• Added 4 vehicles: Uazik "loaf", a tractor and Kamaz on ATP; Baggi on Wetlands
• Added special forces assault on the agricultural industry. Dubldesant special forces on a cordon
• Added 11 new knives - including a mount and blade of the samurai (Author: Kirag; Authors models: Aahz, Gosuke, Bender, Bak and others)
• Added ability to fight with fists
• Added bronekostyum SCAT-15 with the functions avtolecheniya and other features. On this bronekostyumu created a chain of quests (Author: Spot-shooter)
• Added smoke from fires (OGSE Mod)
• Added Embryos monsters
• New detectors - a unique detector and a detector of the hologram. The latter defines all kinds of anomalies
• Added Doc Viewer v1.0 RC - view documents on Hood (Author: 7.9)
• New story videos. Just restored cut plot points
• cleaner carcasses and rubbish at the locations (Authors: Shadowman, Sapsan)
• Added Inventory Mod - reduced inventory slot and Trade (Authors: Rusya and Co)
• Added 8 new species of NVS on costumes
• Added several types of teleporting between locations. Appeared tame teleports and quests for teleportation
• Added mod "Repair Boxes" repair kits for armor and weapons (Author: DEXXX)
• Added hours - after purchase, Hood appears on the time (Author: Vergas)
• Added a new transmutator (Basis: Refresh; Kordinalnaya modifications: Sapsan and others)
• Added Healing Enemies v0.3 - now you can treat the wounded enemies (Author: DEXXX, adaptation to AMK: Skunk)
• Added mod "Detector Artifacts 0.1" (Author: Singapur22)
• Added a night vision device on the Crossbow (Author: Kirag)
• Changed and Improved the many textures. Just added a new asphalt (Authors: Argus, Chorik and many others)
• Changed the trade for all traders zone
• Improved inventory icon (Author: stalker69 and others)
• Added Bullet mod beta 2 - Laser sight of the automaton Storm (Author: SERGEY)
• Changed the face labeling. Now he is on the scene as a video (Author: Argus)
• Added AI Additions - NPC fire from grenade launchers (Author: Rulix aka Bak)
• Implemented modes Terrorizm Demo v0.2 - adds a variety of mines and explosives with a detonator (Author: 4ufak)
• Added "Pictures-Pack 2" - replacing posters and textures in paintings (Author: n6260; Basis: Argus, Domestos)
• Added mod "Water COP" - water as a call of Pripyat
• randomly Loading Screens v3.0 (Authors: Monnoroch, Shadowman)
• Added Intellectual Marauder Mod 1.5.1 - the ability to shoot the armor of dead NPCs (Author: DEXXX)
• Added AI pack Final - new patterns of behavior LDC (Author: xStream)
• Added "Netpaketny PDA" (Author: Shadowman)
• Added the addon "adapting Zone" - to change the level of difficulty depending on the quality of the passing game (Author: Sapsan)
• Changed the icons for map symbols - targets, hits, etc. Style and Clear Sky Call of Pripyat (Author: V92)
• Added the gravity gun (Authors: Malandrinus, Kirag)
• Rebalansirovany properties of all the artifacts (Author: Ray)
• Added a new food, beer, water. Just added mushroom "Amanita", which grows on the locations. In a backpack, over time it deteriorates
• Changed the icons on the minimap anomalies in the detectors (Author: AndyLy)
• Added a positioner of fashion "Device for determination of geographic coordinates v0.7.1" (author: 7.9, with the participation of Malandrinus and kstn)
and much more.

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You Pseudostomp?
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Yup, I'd be Pseudostomp here too, if the forum registration email would ever come through. Ah well, Snork isn't that bad, it's a kick name.
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Loving this mod, just found it about a week or so ago. Tried NS DMX dkz first. Cave jarateed me off sooooo much and I had to use the save to get past it. The mod was just too much though for my PC it seemed (constant stalling) and I'm trying vanilla NS now. Tried my damnedest to get through the cave again but still had to cave in (*groan*badjoke*) and use the save to skip it too. Seriously, I hate that cave, but everything else is amazing
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I haven't the patience to really sort through all this.
If I'm using retail 1.0005, what should I start with?
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I still cannot get either yours or the DKZ to be stable in steam, the swamp is unplayable for both but at least DKZ dosn't crash in the vanilla areas. I think more attention is needed before the steam version will be stable. Trying to get 1.3.3 patch is a pain, it never worked for me.
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Swamp Crashes

SOC game engine struggles to render the CS Swamp features. Static Lighting or reducing visibility for Dynamic Lighting gets me through the Swamps ok. Low memory PC's, 2G or 32 bit OS, might also want to try the Deadmoroz texture pack on a standard NS install.

More info in this Mar-27-2011 Pseudostomp post NS DMX DKZ thread. Updated to include add-on silencer warning. http://www.gsc-game.com/main.php?t=c...transl=#337113

DMX 1.3.3 is just out, and still untranslated. I'm waiting for Darius K Zoot to work his magic. An updated tweaked and translated version is in the works, but slow going (work is keeping him busy).

@Bad_Motha, Just hit the highlights. Key install sections are bunched together in the top post and marked in bright yellow.

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Will try! Sounds amazing!
Just finished CoP for the fifth time (twice with complete. Beautiful!.. beautiful!) which is far too pedestrian and streamlined :P
I need to get LOST in the zone!
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Needs better mirrors, megaupload only allows a few downloads per 24 hours.
Maybe some nice person could make some torrents out of these?

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Don't know if this is what worked but, I reinstalled steam on an ssd last night which forced it to install outside the programfiles(x86). Steam asked me to remove compatability settings which did not exist so I hit cancel and installed anyway. Now I am running at extreme without CTDs in ALL locations (radiation is toooooo much tho).
win 7 64bit
I5 16gig
radeon 5874 (oc'd dual dvi from fact)
full DMX DKZ most options

the ssd is the hybrid 500gb seagate ($99.00!!!!) 1000 times faster!
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Anyone else have part 3 throw errors? I get a file already there to overwrite or not.

She's not working for me. I will persevere.
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Is there an open level patch for the save that starts after the cave?
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