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Old Good STALKER Evolution Mod, OGSE Release 2

OGSE Mod Official English Translated Version Released Feb-14-2012
by the OGSE Mod team, along with OGSE R2 translation SDK modding tools, for translating the mod to other languages.

This new translation is wonderful. Now we get all the stories, the humor, the new item descriptions, and understandable new tasks. The old Google machine translated OGSE was fun, but sometimes frustrating (What did Wolf want?). Now we know that Wolf wants a box of dynamite, and we get a hint about where it might be found.

The new ModDB page + English mod version + Translation SDK = Great stuff!

>>> Stop reading this page, and visit the new OGSE page on ModDB. <<<
You can start by reading the list of OGSE mod features. http://www.moddb.com/mods/old-good-s...es-and-changes

Latest News: February 27th new Texture pack links. February 14 2012 Official English language version released by the mod creators, Links to OGSE MoDB site added. August 14th 2011 Kamikazze of OGSE reports that the "literature-grade translation" may be done by Christmas. August 4th Bamah's Unofficial OGSE Add-On (see post #2), August 2nd Torrent link available. April 30th iloveSHOC Translation, March 21 2011 unofficial m_stalker.ltx modifies hitboxes and NPC behaviour.

The OGSE Mod, Old Good STALKER Evolution, is the best Stalker mod I've played that follows the standard plot, very polished and stable, full of innovative features and creative touches. Month after month it earns a top spot from fan votes on the Russian scene. All the pieces came together in the spring of 2011 to give us our first English language version, roughly translated by machines, thanks to these guys on the GSC forums: Pepcok for extracting a playable Gamedata folder (from mod .db files), Kolinkoff for an English translation, and Kamikazee (OGSE team) for a new English version of the mod Configurator utility. OGSE opened an English language section on their forum in 2011, and announced plans for an English OGSE, which arrived on Feb-14-2012, posted to their new ModDB.com page. New versions are also in development. Expect new quests and new levels to explore (in v0.6.9.3), then the story will expand when the mod moves to the Stalker CS engine.

INSTALLATION, New Official OGSE Mod, English Version, released Feb-14-2012. Visit GSC English Mod Discussion forums and the new official OGSE ModDB.com pages. Edit fsgame.ltx before playing any mods. Change "false" to "true" ( $game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata ).

- Get the file at ModDB: STALKER_OGSE_0692_R2_Eng_fixed.1.exe, 662 MB.
- Start with Stalker SOC patched to V1.0005 (this is the normal Steam patch level).
The developers want to hear if Steam users have any problems getting this mod to install.
- A new game is required. Your old saved games will not work.
- Remember to disable EAX audio from the in-game menu.
- Configurator tool needs MS .NET Framework 2.0 installed.

Argus Texture Packs. "For both texture packs, DELETE both of the "textures.ltx" documents, as the OGSE modding team has ALREADY created a merged version that is designed to work with the mod".

Photorealistic Zone Texture Pack by Argus
Photorealistic Zone - Structures, etc. (263 MB)
Photorealistic Zone - Creatures, stalkers (36 MB)

I did a manual install, by having the mod extract to another folder, then copied files to my SOC folder. Have played with the supplied packed Gamedata.DBx files, which support all of the OGSE Configurator settings. The packed .DBx version should run a bit faster and smoother. Unpacked Gamedata files also started a game ok. Mod Bin folder tweaked DLL files may also improve performance. The game will play ok on the stock SOC BIN folder files, but the mod supplied xrGame.dll file is needed to support some in-game computerized optical devices.

Description: Control an NPC Companion who can fight at your side, Rewritten Emissions & PSI attacks (you can become and play as a zombie), Dynamic anomalies, Variety of improved and repairable vehicles (including some with a trunk for your loot, and an APC with a working turret gun), Graphical improvements with optional hi-res textures, Rebalancing, Dynamic weather, New characters. Improved NPC AI. Some new story lines in freeplay (talk to the Bartender). Stronger anomalies may kill a person or a monster and create an artifact (lure monsters to doom, for profit). Lots of little stuff like breakable light bulbs, or campfires only lit if someone is around, plus a handy configuration tool for setting game options.

Nice Toys: The M134 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_TE2tOCg40 and the APC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9qaPzRZBjA & More at http://www.youtube.com/user/KamikazzeRu

OGSE Loading Screen Wallpaper, found by Diablow. Wow. http://img6.imagebanana.com/img/0zes...ngscreen11.jpg
Night Scene + More, same Artist. Link from OGSE FAQ. http://www.render.ru/gallery/show_wo...?work_id=59094

Discussion forums:
English section on OGSE: OGSE for english speaking gamers
English section on GSC: http://www.gsc-game.com/main.php?t=c...0517&sec_id=16
Official project site: http://ogse.ru
Files at OGSE ModDB site: http://www.moddb.com/mods/old-good-stalker-evolution

================================================== ============
=== Obsolete Instructions Shown Below, for the old Google Translated version of OGSE. ===
================================================== ============
Old Good STALKER Evolution Mod, OGSE Release 2
INSTALLATION, Old Method (OBSOLETE): Start with Stalker SOC patched to 1.0005 (the Steam patch level). A new game is required. "Ultra" texture settings need a 512 Mb video card, with 1G vram recommended. Edit fsgame.ltx before playing any mods. Change "false" to "true" ( $game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata ).

- Add a Gamedata folder by Pepcok. Choice of Standard or Texture Pack versions.
- Add the Translation by Kolinkoff.
- [Optional] Put OGSE Configurator.exe, new English version, in your Stalker directory. This is a very handy tool for changing many mod settings. It can also launch the game (non-Steam users).
- Add -noprefetch to the command line of your game shortcut, or launch the game with the Configurator "Disable prefetching" option. This makes more ram available to the game engine. It is especially important if your Gamedata package has hi-res textures.
- Edit User.ltx if you want to start a vehicle. Add the line: "bind turn_engine kx" (where x = the keystroke you choose for starting engines). I use the "k" key, although this mod suggests using the Tab key.
- Optional, Add DLLs from Pepcok distribution BIN Folder. Mod will play on stock DLLs. The BIN folder XRGame.dll is needed to operate some advanced weapons.

Torrent for OGSE Standard and Texture Pack Gamedata folders (May stop seeding with release of an official translated version): magnet:?xt=urn:btih:8199ffafb91b3686...er.ccc.de%3A80

Gamedata Folder from Pepcok. Standard installation, without added hi-res textures. Especially good for weaker computers. Prepatched and ready to play on SOC V1.0005. Released 18-3-2011. Use 7-zip to extract. Localization.ltx is set to "eng".
Removed dead Filesonic file links February 2012.

Gamedata Folder, With Texture Packs, from Pepcok. Prepatched and ready to play on SOC V1.0005. Released 10-3-2011. Use 7-zip to extract. Localization.ltx is set to "eng". Includes added Argus textures & Creatures Pack 0.51 & 0.6, so launch games with the -noprefetch option.
Removed dead Filesonic file links February 2012.

Translation by Kolinkoff, released 11-3-2011. A great start & it makes the mod playable. Vanilla quests have good English. Most new mod text is Google translated. http://www.sendspace.com/file/gm6ki2

OGSE Configurator by Kamikazze, English version, 1.8 MB, Released 15-3-2011 MD5=2a585913a904462eef8b2d93ff2fd61f. Settings for Widescreen Optics or High Grass options will only work with the packed .db version of the mod. Those two options can be changed with manual file folder renaming. Configuration utility - english version

Unofficial m_stalker.ltx, by atonium2027 (invasion mod team), 22kB. Filename: "ogse better hitboxes npc loot and aim realistic behavior m_stalker.rar", http://www.mediafire.com/?1os28blg5t8ysh3 Installs to gamedata\config\creatures\m_stalker.ltx. Posted by Diablow on GSC forums Mar-21-2011.

Translation to English by iloveSHOC, released April 30 2011. Not yet tested, so let me know how it works. Some additional text files translated, but some Russian files may have snuck back in (replacing vanilla SOC text). File name: Full_OGSE_0692 Translation.rar 1.25 MB. Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YZGKTEMV Dead link Feb-2012.

INSTALLATION, The Hard Way: Manual extraction and installation instructions posted on GSC by Pepcok.
The original Creature Pack exe files from http://www.playground.ru have MALWARE WARNINGS. I recommend the repackaged 7-zip versions by Pepcok. (creatures_0.6.exe MD5: 9ce838e9ef816fe722516d9ffd0f7aa4 Virustotal.com will give a full report if you copy/paste the MD5 hash.).
1) get the OGSE R2 installer
2) get argus_tex_pack_1.0.7z from http://www.playground-ru/files/13944/
3) get the creatures pack (0.51 + 0.6) from http://www.playground-ru/files/16740/
4) get the db unpacker (http://upload.pepcok.info/ogse/unpacker.exe) - I got it from the AMK forums site (I believe it was in the Solyanka main thread) some time ago, maybe you have it already

1) Run the OGSE installer. Configure it with the argus pack and the creatures pack. It will install into your stalker directory and will give you three db files and the configurator exe file. Plus it will create a gamedata folder in the Stalker directory.
2) rename the Stalker/gamedata folder to Stalker/gamedata_temp, we will use it later
3) create a new Stalker/gamedata directory
4) using the unpacker, unpack gamedata.dbe into the Stalker/gamedata directory
5) using the unpacker, unpack gamedata.dbf into the Stalker/gamedata directory
6) using the unpacker, unpack gamedata.dbg into the Stalker/gamedata directory
7) move everything from the gamedata_temp (created in step2) to the gamedata folder, replacing as necessary
8) extract the textures directory from argus_tex_pack_1.0.7z to the gamedata directory - WARNING - don't replace the textures.ltx file
9) extract the textures directory from creatures_0.51.7z and creatures_0.6.7z to the gamedata directory - WARNING - don't replace the textures.ltx file
10) modify the gamedata/config/localization.ltx - replace "rus" with "eng"
11) copy your gamedata/config/text/rus directory to gamedata/config/text/eng
12) run the configurator.exe from the main stalker directory, choose your settings, then save it using the button "Primenit" and then you can either use the configurator to start your game, or simply use your old shortcut.

Hope this helps, it worked for me. In the worst case scenario I can zip my gamedata folder and the bin folder and upload somewhere.

PS: of course you can delete the gamedata.dbe, gamedata.dbf and gamedata.dbg files after you finished all the steps above, they are not necessary any more.
CTD bug fixed by atonium2027: Fixes an error Diablow experienced. http://www.mediafire.com/?l6bd33313oh24y1
[error]File : E:\stalker\sources\trunk\xr_3da\xrGame\ui\UIXmlIni t.cpp
[error]Line : 87
[error]Description : XML node not found
[error]Arguments : global_wnd

Main Mod: http://ogse.ru/index.php?option=com_...d=13&Itemid=28 direct link http://deathdoor.ru/mod_ogse/0962_fi...SE_0692_R2.exe 661mb. MD5 ebd20147c243a067b4da392967d9c206 STALKER_OGSE_0692_R2.exe

Argus Texture Pack, 257 MB. http://www.playground.ru/files/13944/

Creatures Texture Packs, Repacked by Pepcok. "... unpack the files to existing gamedata in the specific order (Argus, Creatures 0.51, Creatures 0.6)".
Removed dead Filesonic file links February 2012.
Stalker_pepcok-repack_creatures_0.51.7z http://www.mediafire.com/?qza8dcziyqcuvio
Stalker-pepcok-repack_creatures_0.6.7z http://www.mediafire.com/?eglkheuye2qyf9h

DB Unpacker For "Hard Way" Installation, http://upload.pepcok.info/ogse/unpacker.exe

Allspawn tool for OGSE http://www.deathdoor.ru/mod_ogse/ACDC_OGSE_1.1.zip

These instructions are for the Worldwide, or Steam versions of Stalker SOC.
Russian versions of Stalker SOC
need missing language assets, or they will crash.
http://www.filefront.com/17451274/shoc vanilla english text file from 1.0005.rar

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Unofficial OGSE 6.9.2 R2 Addon by Bamah, released August 4th 2011.

Bamah recently merged some great mods together, with OGSE, into a 4.6 GB package. Lots of fun to play with, and play. It looks great too. Includes added spawn and teleport keyboard shortcuts. You won't believe some of the things you can spawn in the game. Remember the alien from Aliens... :-)

Includes: "ZRP freeplay if desired, ZRP strangers are now hitmen like Fatrap's mods, SWO 3.1.1 weather, Rotting corpses, SK_Zombie Life, Autumn Aurora with Loner particles...awesome, Niel NC bumps for terrain shadowing".

Posted to the GSC English forums July-23-2011. Download Links: http://www.gsc-game.com/main.php?t=c...0906&sec_id=17

Questions or comments? Ask Bamah. He posts in the English language GSC-game.com Stalker forums: http://www.gsc-game.com/main.php?t=c...c_id=16#344457

"This is a shooter in Freeplay, just survive. In OGSE game the story may be broken now and again from spawns killing relevent NPCs."

Keyboard Shortcuts:
"esc+1,2,3 and 4 are Atlas spawning
esc+f2 is cheat menu like Atlas spawning
esc+t is ZRP Teleport
esc+J is ZRP inter level jumps
esc+5 time speedup
esc+6 Jepp Car spawns menu-not active at the moment
esc+7 Position Informer
esc+x is another teleport menu. List is in _ms_teleport . example e=escape
When using the esc+x remove the teleport after relocation or it will ctd on load with an ID issue. I use esc+x only."

"OGSE team for the Mod itself
Zombie life and Rotting Corpses--Skyloader
Zombie gas mask models--Tixonics
Atlas Spawn Mod-- Helios
ZRP Mod--NatVac
ThunderFreak --Attack spawn scripts
Autumn Aurora --vandrerer
Particles --Loner1
Offline alife lite for 1.0005 used --Xiani
Trojan's SWO 3.1.1
Teleportation-- Razzor
Time speedup --Nanderson
Soljanka Mod -- Bibliotekar, Tarakan babka zombies, weapons
Priboi2 --Aliens and Ghoul
NLC4+5 --Nebo models
Buusty --VSK-94
AAZ --weapons
Russo --ABC suits and upgrades
PE extractor --not sure of his name, but a talented Russian gentleman
Position Informer--from Osoznanie Mods
Niel NC-- bumps for terrain shadowing"

OGSE Addon Fix 1 - Cumulative Patch. released July-24-2011. "This supersedes changes 5. This is my config and scripts folders plus what is needed from other folders to add the optional items correctly. Contains all tweaks, fixes and addons. Overwrite everything.". http://www.mediafire.com/?erc21em5y0fr4iv

Optional Revised All.spawn file, released July-27-2011. http://www.mediafire.com/?7ul19a4xbrjwr2p
Don't forget to start a new game if you change the all.spawn.
Bamah writes: "...This fully merges ZRP-OGSE and the revised version of FW. If the issue is a missing OGSE trigger or item in the all.spawn it is now restored. ...was truly meant to be played in freeplay mode as some minor OGSE storyline items may be altered. ...should fix any inconsistencies with OGSE story. I have played it both ways and have had no major issues or consistent ctds. The OGSE story could be skewed somewhat but not the vanilla.".

Update on corrupted Saved game issues, August 14th 2011. "Link to deactivating trups and zombies conversion. Different timers of each if you wish to keep them active ...does increase the fun factor" http://www.mediafire.com/?rvpirwk0zccpumb "De-activated trups and sk_zombie_life.7z"

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reserved for something.
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A mod on the steam forums that isn't "COMPLETE"? Heresy.
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Played Complete, Lurk, and Oblivion Lost, which are fine mods, before finding some of the Russian mods. There is a very big Stalker mod community in Russia, with lots of talented and creative modders. Russian mods have some amazing features.

I've brought a few mod posts here to the Steam forums. These are Russian mods which have an English translation, and will play on SOC 1.0005, the Steam patch level. Hope to find a new audience for OGSE, Secret Trails 2, and Narodnaya Solyanka / DMX, that will enjoy playing these mods as much as I do.

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This one sounds real nice, I hope it can be translated quickly!
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Uploaded it as torrent


In case this link doesn't work anymore for some reason, you can always find it on tpb.

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Big thanks for that Torrent link. Been needing that for a while.

Just started playing this mod again recently with some fun updates merged in. Will have some more links up for them very soon.
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Looking forward to!

I'm currently in the process of putting a Secret Trails 2 .to file together, gonna try making a NS bundle tomorrow for easier access.

edit: if you have ideas for other good mods to be seeded, shoot.

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NS is finally fairly well covered by torrents (links in the NS DMX Steam thread).
Tecnobacon's Stalkersoup NS DMX 1.3.4 torrent just came out today.
NS-DMX-DKZ 1.3.2 torrent has been around for months.
Achillesdave's NS Gamedata folder got a torrent from ChimmyChanga here on Steam back on July 26th.
There are some other good mods, have to look at them again. I've been concentrating in this forum on mods which can be played on the SOC 1.0005 patch level (Steam patch level).
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Unofficial OGSE 6.9.2 R2 Addon by Bamah added to top post #2.

Bamah made this as a personal mod, a test bed. When he told the guys on the GSC Stalker forums about it, we all wanted to try it ourselves. Chances are you won't be able to play through a vanilla SOC plot line, which you've played so many times before. So just jump in and have fun.

BTW, the Rotting Corpses minimod is very cool. You have to loot dead guys before they either turn into zombies, or mummified corpse, which quickly becomes a skeleton, then a pile of bones.
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Mod news posted Aug-14-2011 by Kamikazze in the GSC OGSE forum thread:

"Development of version is fastly advancing. Good news everyone! I have developed a fully scripted, stand-alone combat AI, which doesn't use native mechanisms of fight control and danger reactions at all. Accordingly, it is free from many of the problems of engine combat AI. For now it's in use only for companion. You can see how this combat AI works here:


Once it finished, I plan to adapt it for the rest of the NPC in the game - the fights will become much more dangerous and harder.

Key features of this AI:

1. Advanced combat skills linked to experience - the more experienced NPC fight better.
2. NPC is able to properly fire a gun, he knows when to use a single, when the automatic fire
3. Shooting accuracy is tied to the rank of NPC
4. NPC is able to properly apply the different types of weapons against different opponents, aiming at vulnerable points
5. NPC is actively maneuvering in battle, use the dynamically computing covers

Well, since it does not use the native engine combat mechanism, it's haven't problems like stuck on the fence or "hunting for crows / miners"

And news about english translation - work is underway, we making a proper, literature-grade translation - planned date of release is Christmas holidays. Moreover, version which is currently in development, most likely will be released with built-in english translation.".
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Would it be possible to write a small install guide for the bamah version? I tried deciphering the install instructions but there seems to be an abundance of different all.spawn files that get copied when you install the addon/fix. Tried playing and it's very unstable. Might have the same issue as you had from what I've read on the gsc-forum (did you get that resolved?). Looks very interesting with the whole war-zone feel to it.
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R_usty, the Bamah Add-on, more details are given on the GSC English forums. You don't have to change the all.spawn from what was released with the Bamah Addon (but every new all.spawn requires a new game).

I'm still testing and tweaking on my own set up. Had the most fun on the initial release with the OGSE Addon Fix 1 - Cumulative Patch. Too bad some mod features were corrupting saved games, and all subsequent saves. Seems the saves interrupted the scripts for turning some dead into zombies, and others into the corpses that continued to decay, leaving a pile of bones and a piece of loot (kind of like the problems in the NS mod when you save during blowouts and horror time). Played for a while, pretty stable, on the latest July 27th all.spawn with the new xr_motivator script (which cut out the rotting corpses and zombie parts of the mod). Currently trying the alternate slow timer trups and corpse scripts. Now dead guys are turning into Zombies before I can get any loot from them.

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Thanks, I've played it today with slow trups and zombie change, about half my saves are corrupt and CTD when I reload them :/ Might try with deactivated trups/zombies.
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