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Question Gamepad Problems

Hey everyone.

I just purchased a gamepad (xbox 360 controller) for use with my Mac, and it's working pretty well in general. I downloaded a driver (from http://tattiebogle.net/index.php/Pro...ller/OsxDriver ) and have been able to use the controller and driver perfectly fine in Hoard.

However there seems to be a problem with the left trigger. At first it was causing the mouse (for navigating the menu) to pull towards the top of the screen. Then after I went into the Analog Config, the left trigger would automatically assign itself to "Move Left," and then cause the mouse to move to the left constantly. Finally I was able to negate this by holding down the left trigger about halfway (which seems to be what the game thinks of as a neutral state, and then I could assign the analog sticks normally. However the last prompt, which is to assign a button to alternate fire, no other button would work other than left trigger. And when I finally got into the game, I would be firing constantly.

I was able to remedy this by pressing the regular fire button (which i set to Right Bumper), but...seems like a lot of work to get this gamepad working right, especially because that is just a temporary fix - on starting a new level or pressing the left trigger, it resets and starts to autofire again (which could be a welcome feature, so long as I had the option to turn it off).

I am using a Mac with the latest version of snow leopard (I'd be happy to give specifics if necessary). I also tried updating the game using the demo updater, but nothing happened so I assume I already had the newest version of the game. And I'm using the standalone mac version purchased direct from elecorn, not the steam version.

Also, one last side note: when navigating the menus, for some reason pressing the up button on the d-pad acts as a mouseclick and pressing the down button on the dpad or pushing down the right analog stick (r3 on a ps2 controller, not sure what to call it in this case) acts as escape. This seems counter intuitive to me - I would think either "attack" or "jump" would act as a mouse click, and that I would be able to choose a cancel button.

Sorry for the lengthy post, I just wanted to give all the information possible!
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