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Fastest Download Server For Western Australia?

Im currently downloading Alien Vs Predator on steam and i have left it on for over 17 hours not straight but in total and it has only completed 63% and its 17GB in total. I have switched servers a few times between Australia-WA and Australia-NSW(Telstra) they have been both really slow about only 30-40kbps the NSW one has probaly been the best it was 200kbps for a while. Im am with Telstra(Bigpond) internat provider at the best speed you can get (1mps) and live in perth,WA. So whitch would be the best server for me???
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Have a look.
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Originally Posted by Gone'Postal View Post
Are the "Detailed Statistics" how fast they are? Or how much data has been transferred across them?
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i am in nsw and the new zelend one works best
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no help, even tried to connect to the one that had least activity (adelade) and no difference in speed, before FEAR 3 came out i was downloading at 1mb now its just 100kb
its not my net since if i download something normaly it will be fast but steam seems wierd since Fear 3 release
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