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Stuck on loading screen

I just recently bought l4d2,I have installed it however when going to play it as soon as it hits the loading screen it stays on it and does not load at all,any help?
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Yes I have this too with the mutation (last man on earth ) of the Left 4 dead 2, hard rain campaign level 4. I have to wait for 30 minutes for it to load. (Every time when I try this level) When it finally loaded, I didn't spawn in the safe house, but I instead spawned under the level and kept dying and spawning there. Also at one time, I spawned correctly (same level, different time, different character, same loading time of 30 minutes). I spawned correctly but all the infected were gone. There were no special infected either. And when I closed the door of the safe room, the level didn't end. I was blocked to continue to the next level..

Also it seems that Steam would often just disconnect during the load without reason and then return me to the main menu with the comment that there is no Steam log on. I hate it when this happens. Also sometimes it would load for a long time (10 minutes or so, and send me back to the menu with the comment that my connected had timed out. While I carefully observed whether the internet connection was still on going.)

I'd like to know why this happens? (It'd be nice to hear about a solution that doesn't involve messing with ports.)
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