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Help, My Save Won't Show Up

Ok, So, I enjoy this game a lot, and I decided that when I was at my friends house, I wanted to continue my save. So I went under My documents/my games/the ball/UDKGame/Config and copied my UDKsave.ini file over to the same spot on my friends computer after installing the ball through steam. I launch the game, and click load, and there is nothing there. My save didn't show up. Did I do something wrong?

If anyone knows why this would happen, please help, so I don't run into this problem the next time.

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The save is tied to the steam user. You have to login with your account on your friend´s computer.
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1. Create a new save on your computer.
2. Open the save file using wordpad or some other text editor.
3. Copy the value at EncryptedUserID=[value]
4. Paste the value in the same place in the save file that you want yo use
5. Replace that save
6. ????

*Stolen from the ARG article
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