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AT&T U-Verse vs Comcast XFinity Internet

Currently I'm using Comcast Triple Play. I'm unsure how much Comcast is advertising my internet speed at but I'm getting about 16 - 20 Mb/s and paying around $150/month (triple play promotion expired)

I know that comcast has a feature called powerboost, so in reality i'm getting a lot less correct?

Today, an AT&T sales rep came to my house and informed us that fiber optics were set up in our neighborhood.

He's offering us television and phone similar to comcast and giving us 12 mbps fiber optics internet for $137/month

How is AT&T's fiber optics internet vs Comcast's internet?
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If you're getting an average of 16 - 20 mbps, most likely your Comcast ISP is either 15mbps or 20mbps. The powerboost is a feature that is on the ISP's end of your line, thus you have no control over it. But you usually will notice the boost when you download a file. The transfer rate will start off really high and then steadily drop down to what your actual rated connection speed is. It can be hard to tell when doing speed test as far as accuracy goes because of the power boost.

12mbps is actually fairly low speed for Fiber Optics, especially considering the price of the offered package.

I would look on AT&T's website and see what other packages they offer. Such as what does is included in the price package for TV related features, quality and also the speed of your internet line and such. For $137/month, 12mbps seems kinda low.

Where abouts are you from?

Where I live (USA - East Coast), we mostly have Comcast and Verizon. Verison offers DSL and FiOS (fiber optic). For a basic FiOS package which is approx $85/month for my area, this package includes 15mbps (up & down) internet. Jumping up to a $99/month package gives you 25mbps (up & down). On either package, the price per month is an addition $45/month after the first year. Which is right around the range you are paying. I know this can differ based on regions/areas, and available ISPs.

Seems like you're paying right around the $150 range already and in comparison, I don't see how the AT&T $137/month package is any better then what you already have.

But again check AT&T's U-verse website and enter your location info and see what other packages/price ranges they offer.
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Just switch back and forth between the two companies so you always have the promotional rate. Uverse is fine, but it's not fiber (as in FTTH). Comcast is fine, but since it's cable you get wildly varying speeds depending on time of day.

You can test your current speeds with this... Powerboost(tm) only works with the first 10 or 20MB of the file you're transferring, so compare the beginning speed to the end.
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I have Uverse for internet/phone and while it is more consistant (speed-wise) than Comcast, it has higher ping. I know some people have customer service problems with ATT, but I have only had problems on Sunday's (farmed out to India). During working hours on weekdays customer service is pretty good. My mom has Comcast and their customer service is fair to poor.

But if you haven't had any problems with Comcast, you shouldn't switch. The way Uverse is set up, you'll never get the speeds that Comcast offers if you want to upgrade. And network bandwith is shared with tv and phone with Uverse. If you have a couple of tv's playing hd programming at the same time, then your internet speed could be impacted. Although the 12 mps service might not be. The complaints I've read come from people with 18 and 24 mps service.

I currently use Dish Network for my tv service. I use Uverse for internet and phone because it is less expensive than Comcast. Both Comcast and satellite services have better hd picture quality than Uverse.
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