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Just installed GTAIV on my new Windows 7 PC. Can't login to Games for Windows Live. If I click "create profile" I get a broken XBOX.com webpage. If I use my Windows LIVE account and try to login it reports, "The provided Windows Live ID is not associated with a LIVE gamertag. Would you like to create a LIVE account?" If I click "no" I get kicked out of GFWL, if I click "yes" I get sent back to the same broken XBOX webpage. "Uh oh... that shouldn't have happened. It appears you've found a glitch in the system."

I tired uninstall GFWL and installing it from the website installer, I tried deleting the GFWL folder and several other fixes detailed in the sticky to no avail.
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I am guessing it is the webpage having issues, try clearing your browsers cache before trying the webpage again.

Or goto Run type cmd then in the cmd prompt type ipconfig /flushdns

/flushdns : Flushes and resets the contents of the DNS client resolver cache. During DNS troubleshooting, you can use this procedure to discard negative cache entries from the cache, as well as any other entries that have been added dynamically.

I had the same issue when setting up an account at home and in the end it was either the page was not loading due to hosting issues or in the browsers cache something was stalling the process.
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Are you using the GFWL client that came with the game? If so, you should get the newest client from www.gamesforwindows.com . It is likely to solve your problem.
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Windows live log in fail

I have an issue not sure if it is the same

I can't log in to windows live account either when in game screen, I can log in no problem on web, but when playing the game I just get a very generic error that there might be a network issue or that windows live is down, I have found nothing so far on windows life forum, I can't save my progress, I'm so frustrated and really trying to keep this post as polite as possible, but I swear if I would've found a phone number for support I would be yelling at someone right now, this is ridiculous, I feel like I bought a TV but need my neighbor's remote to operate it and my neighbor happens to be on vacation, I mean when ever I buy a game I expect to be able to play it nothing else, I'm I asking to much?, why do I need to log into a very bad service as windows live to be able to save my progress on the game, who was the GENIUS who had that great idea?

BTW: I have Dirt3
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So yea, I just picked up Fable 3 and I have to log in to this stupid Games for Windows crap. EVERY SINGLE TIME I TRY TO REGISTER A NAME I GET THIS STUPID "Uh oh, this shouldn't have happened". NO support links, NO help, NO google search help, absolutely nothing.

I think I want a refund. This is extremely frustrating, lame, stupid and I feel like I was given a bait and switch deal.
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